“the luck of the earth lies on the back of a horse” – a spell, the photographer Wiebke Haas well can understand. On the question of why you photographed, of all things, horses, your reply is clear: she loves the animals because of their grace and their grace. For the photographer, the four-legged with your back-holding type, the shimmering coat and the stunning beauty of something very Special. Something, what would you have trusted with your photos. Your image series “horse style” falls out of line. Because Haas also stresses: “in addition to their beauty horses can be: silly and hilarious.”

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photographer Wiebke Haas is with animals. Your passion for photography made it to the school-to-work and travels as a wildlife photographer around the world. She sees animals of all kinds, but if you are fascinated by a particular, then it will always be horses, since she is sure.

So it came also to image series, “horse style”, the 2018 3. Place of the Sony Photo Awards won. For the photographer, it is important that horses not only reflect, but real, almost human poses from them to lure them out, to show how playful the animals are. It was inspired by the precious blood Inger stallion Mozart, whose mane whirled him in his proud appearance at a horse show striking to the head helped. Short hand decided to Haas, to put the animal as a Model in the scene and took a photo, which then went around the world. Today, this image is one of the most important hallmarks of the young photographer.

photo challenge

For Haas, especially one thing counts in the series, but horses should not shake their manes, but it is the impression of a real hairstyle. Facial expression and hair are by no means the coincidence. So carefully planned and varied as the hairstyles are so very well the characters of the animals differ. “The photographic challenge with these photos is to let the horses head to the camera aligned. A lot of tact, praise, and Treats on the part of the helper, therefore, are paramount,” explains the photographer to the creation of her series. This effort to recognize immediately and so the horses were setters to true trends.



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