price increases, the customers do not like, therefore, many manufacturers save on the content. This comes to the same thing, but not so easy. The consumer advice centre Hamburg and look at them carefully and regularly selects the “sham of the month”.

this Time, the consumer advocates criticize the new Milka chocolate Darkmilk: “The four new chocolate Milka Darkmilk of Mondelez look like a normal 100-gram bars, weigh only 85 grams.” The sale price of 1.09 Euro would amount to 100 grams of the equivalent of the proud to 1.28 euros. Mondelez area refers to higher quality “due to the particularly intense Conching of the chocolate mass and thereby lose all of the bitter substances”, as well as a higher percentage of cocoa butter.

consumer advocates have noted, however, that it is the same ingredients as the cheaper Milka herb (100 grams) soft – only that instead of “at least 45 percent cocoa” now only “at least 40 percent,” will promised. In addition, there is instead “natural Aroma”, “Aroma”. Confusing is that on the front of the “shrink table” of the calorie content per 100 grams, but not the actual contents is given.

chocolate loss Why some Milka-boards, only 81 grams Of Daniel Bakir, Up to 60 percent of air 33 many well-known manufacturers as a sham of the month, denounced the blatant cheating is that everyone in the AFP is like the Illustrious series of deceptive

The consumer centre of Hamburg has already. The chocolate Santa Claus by Milka was among them, as was the Pasta Sauce Miracoli or muesli by Dr. Oetker. Milka manufacturer Mondelez criticized the consumer advocates for the abandonment of the 100-gram standard size to 93 a-, 87 -, or 81-gram bars, as well as the decline of some 300-grams-in bulk to 270 or 280 grams.

Once a year, the consumer is Central among the candidates about the sham of the year vote. In 2017, the Vitalis price received fruit muesli by Dr. Oetker in the negative. More cheating is the last few months shows a range of our photo.

++Here you find the cheating of the industry, which until today in the super market shelves++



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