from a schmaltzy Hollywood ham: One picks up the phone, asks for the room service and ordered a Sandwich with a Shrimp Cocktail and a bottle of chilled white wine. There is probably nothing more comfortable than room service in the Hotel. Especially when you’re in your Bathrobe, in the spring soft Queen-Size bed. Who tastes his food better if he is allowed to sit on fluffy pillows?

the mag So glamorous sound, and even if it is for all these amenities ready even to spend more money, you should always one thing in mind: The cook who prepared the food for the room service, will not be the best at the stove.

No complex dishes room service is available

Therefore, one should refrain from complex and original dishes. So you should eat better Lobster. And order never have room service, if the food in the Hotel Restaurant, is already bad.

On which foods and drinks also should be avoided, – not, be it for health reasons or just so that your bedroom smells like the food – we show you in this photo.


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