About the lack of TV presence may not complain of the king of football, truly. Fans who can’t get enough of the battle for the round leather, can track well on a daily basis, any national or international game live. In view of this (Over-)supply it supposedly boring, or sporty and less significant matches getting harder and harder to attract the interest of football fans.

This is in less than two weeks ago to the end of the previous Bundesliga season, a total of four Games in the German upper house. The “Sport Bild”. Accordingly, the Pay-TV channel Sky reported the number of spectators, among other things, for the fifth round Rugby match between Mainz 05 and VfL Wolfsburg with “Zero”.

Sport compact Dieter Hecking to the HSV back in the Bundesliga, DPA, Bayern-Dortmund lead duels in the Bundesliga-rate hits

were Also on 34. and the last round of the season staged duels between Hertha BSC and Leverkusen, Wolfsburg and Augsburg, as well as between Mainz and Hoffenheim were in the favor of the football community far, far below. Here, too, the Sky was as a spectator in the number “Zero”. Possibly, these are likely to have the exciting and the result open the final sprint between Borussia Dortmund and Bayern Munich, the German championship helped that the Fans were not enticed by the above-mentioned Play.

in Addition, do not need to restrictive to be said that “Zero” is equal to “Zero”. So Sky is the paragraph according to “Sport Bild” already then, when too few people turned in technically measurable area. This value is according to the report, with less than 5000 spectators.

According to “Sport Bild” transferred to Sky in the past season, a total of 266 League games live. Most of the Fans attracted, therefore, the games between Dortmund and Bayern in front of the TV or in the Livestream. So 2.05 million people watched the match between the two clubs meet on the eleventh round, at 28. Round there were 2.2 million.

source: “Sport Bild”



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