There is learning content, which are indispensable for General education. Then there is content that can schools thought processes, even character-forming effect. However, in the “real world” notice arrived, we quickly: a Lot of things we had to in school cramming, no longer met today (thankfully) in everyday life. Infinitely long cramming – and then never needed again: Our readers tell us, what is the Unnötigste was, you learned that in school.

Well, who remembers? ?

Posted by star on Wednesday, 3. April 2019

Very often, the term “math”readers, Christian M.: “Well, pretty much everything you had to make in the higher classes in math.”Reader Anny E.: “The Pythagorean theorem … I go every night to bed and tease me about the fact that I calculated remained the slopes and I never … never really … took me …”reader Tatyana K. remembers a significant Moment: “Everything, where Numbers in mathematics were suddenly and illogical manner, to the letter!”Susanne F.: “mathematics: the Intersection line of two intersecting planes in 5-dimensional space. I could count just fine, I’ve never understood, and the Use of bat to me, never!”Hanna, M.: “Hypotenuse. Ankateten. Not Gegenkateten … the words still knows my T9!”Oh, sweet memory of the SportunterrichtEike B.: “apparatus gymnastics. I can also never learn, also could not see why the should be good. I have two feet that are on the ground, at least.”Nelly f.: “Dodge ball and Dodge ball. As a result, I have developed a Ballophobie.”Ela. l.: “sports because I was always the last chosen for team games. Has neatly led to all kinds of Complex!”Eva K.: “buck-buck … In my life, I was NEVER in a Situation where I thought, ‘now, you can save only a buck-buck.'” Isabel H.: “sports: No man needs a balancing act in the office.”Languages – virtually! But can also be the wrong reader, Sabine B.: “The French sentence: ‘He pounded nails into a coffin.’ Such sentences were in the upper level as a vocabulary and as a vocabulary test requested …” “Finally, I need to be able to my children and help the”reader Carola F. Sees it in a pragmatic way: “So slowly, I must admit to myself, that everything, what we have learned, has a sense. Finally, I need it … and to be able to my children with homework help. In the meantime, I am with child 1 at the level of 7. Class Gymnasium, five more years, until the OJ.”Thorsten T. triumphed over the former sayings of the teacher: “‘Thorsten, you’re never going to be paid for it, to staring out the window!’ Thorsten, 33, now a Pilot!””Knowledge is never unnecessary,”

But if much of the content will not be retrieved from the school today or used, they had influence.

As reader Samantha S. writes: “I have much to learn, I need it today in exactly this Form. But I’ve learned by Learning. Math and Algebra helped me to think in the abstract. Physics taught me to understand the interrelationships. History taught me to understand the Today. It is not always the pure content that counts.”And reader Alexandra J. agrees: “Knowledge is never unnecessary.”

The title story of the new star: A dream of school. The best investment in the future of Germany: our children are smart.

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