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millions of Europeans – with a lion’s share of the German participants – have in the last year online for the abolition of summer time and to put an end to the time change voted. Finally, the end is to participate with the annoying time changeover twice a year, so the opinion of most, the. Nevertheless, there are not a few, the wish that everything remains as it is. Or that Europe switches just for the always on summer time. What speaks for the old, what for the new scheme? Jakob Simmank and Dagny Lüdemann from the Knowledge Department from TIME ONLINE are not in agreement. Read again here your Pro and cons:

the watches Let tick! Which is healthier

Jakob Simmank argued for the abolition of summer time.

The most depressing in the conversion of time is, perhaps, the Sunday in March to the pointer, or digital display to be made from two to three to the front. Who was that on the night before a little longer awake, a little drunk, or was celebrating, experienced the tired most Sundays of the year. Because we, if we have to get up at the same time, this Sunday in fact also the one hour less of sleep. Both goofy. And especially not make up for the seemingly given hour in October.

Because what brings you to sleep longer when in the evening in the street, the lights of lanterns before five? And then there’s the thing with the milk cows, the entire show does not turn easy to understand. Whenever you need to in the morning wait for the milking to be running even more milk in their already bulging udder. A whole extra hour, so how in the autumn, because the udder is biased and hurts. Therefore, portion of the farmers of the kidneys, the changeover to an hour and extend over several days. Pretty annoying.

© Michael stern, Jakob Simmank

Our health editor is to keep it simple in the winter time. The annoying change? Unnecessary.

to the author of the page

But we come to the more serious issues around the conversion of the time: a hand is an integral procedure in our sleep cycle and our internal clock is properly mixed, with consequences for health. The sleep researcher Barbara Knab described on TIME ONLINE, that the watch was a conversion like jet lag, only worse: unlike the jet-lag, namely, the internal clock after the changeover to the summer time really is a problem, because most people then have to get up an hour earlier and on the working appear.

The reason is that The time has changed, but not the movement of the sun. And the sunlight is the most important timer is the internal clock. The consequences of this that people have difficulty adjusting to the new time, are measurable by The time transition hit, unausgeschlafenen men and women seem to build more car accidents. A US Economist has calculated that in such a the summer time accidents between the years of 2002 and 2011, died in a total of 30 Americans (American Economic Journal: Smith, 2016).

Also, more people seem to suffer after the change to the other time in the spring of a heart attack (European Review for Medical and Pharmacological Sciences, Manfredini et al., 2018). A possible reason for this: an increased Level of stress hormones in the blood or increased blood pressure. And finally, there is evidence to suggest that the judge in the days following the spring transition harder than in other weeks of the year. The Name of the essay, busy: Tired, a criminal judge is a hard judge (Psychological Science: Cho et al., 2017).

Well, you could ban, as some author suggest authors, the To on Mondays after the time change, and on the cardiac wards of heart attacks. Or even the judges in the forced vacation. All of these examples are especially good reasons to leave the clock in the spring and in the fall just keep on ticking and not turning the hands. Yes, we should finally leave the summer time.

summer time is great, but best of the whole year!

Dagny Lüdemann argues for the abolition of the normal time. Endless summer!

sure, it’s annoying with the time change, alone, because six months in between is long enough to forget the direction in which now actually what is provided. An hour before, a back? Sleep longer or shorter? Every Time I watch the re – to have it until the spring or the autumn, forget it. That’s why I’m for the abolition of the time change. But not for the abolition of summer time!

© Moritz Küstner Dagny Lüdemann

longer in the Evening light – so it would have our Know-Department head of the loved one all year long. So she says: How about summer time?

to the author of the page

Who clicked at that time, through the EU-survey, it was asked first, whether the existing switch to summer time in the spring, as it applies in this country, after repeated Back and Forth in its present Form since 1980, is to be retained or not. Only later was asked, what would be the best Alternative. And here you could also specify the as I think most sensible and healthiest variant: the year-round summer time. Bye-bye, normal time!

Why, for me, always summer, at least, the time should be? Because it would be year-round, longer in the evening light (note to the anticipated readers ‘ comments: Yes, I know, it is depending on the Season, longitude and latitude always at the same time, light and dark, no matter what time we call. And Yes, we also provide the watches and also the time not as a physical size, but only say that the time is different. But let us now not-so-hair slit to see, please).


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