Normally, the Airbus A319 on the route from New York’s LaGuardia airport to George Bush Airport in Houston in three and a half hours back. But last weekend, the passengers of the flight came up with the abbreviation UA2098 not far.

Because the Cockpit Crew noticed on the morning flight just after the Start on the Eastern side of Manhattan, the city airport is a problem with the linkage, broke the pilots in your flight path. For safety reasons, they circled through the suburbs between Ridgewood and Clifton, New Jersey, before starting an unscheduled landing at the Newark Liberty International Airport, as the “Aviation Herald” reported.


The United flight 2098 led from LaGuardia with a queue at the Newark Airport in New Jersey

© After 17 minutes was the flight over,

The Airbus A319 with the ID N837UA on down on runway 22L against 8.27 PM. However, during braking, the left main gear was jammed. This has not been shredded both tires, but the rims on the rough surface of the track rubbed up to the axles. A photo shows the remains of the chassis, as the Jet came on the edge of the runway to the Stand.

The 128 passengers and five crew members was able to leave the plane via emergency chutes. No one was hurt. The Tower called on all the other machines which were available for the runway 22L for landing, to a landing. To the Airbus being towed could be, the runway is closed.

The incident shows that extreme stress can stop the chassis of an Airbus. Fortunately, it came in the case of Overheating to any outbreak of fire. For the passengers, and United Airlines provided a replacement machine. They reached their destination in Houston with a delay of five hours.

source: “Aviation Herald”

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