A cropped, black Top, a beige-colored, loose-fitting pants, and a Pair of open-toed sandals. This Outfit wore an Australian, as they climbed last week, a plane of budget Airline Jetstar in the direction of Brisbane. A flight attendant had a Problem with that. Apparently, it was too revealing.

In a Facebook Post, the young woman makes her Anger in the air. “Dear Jetstar,” she begins your entry. “I write a public post, to let people know what a nice Service you offer.”

you have booked a last Minute flight to visit their mother in the hospital. After you have to wait five hours on a flight and “tired and stressed” the plane had boarded, I told the flight attendant that her clothing was “inappropriate”. In addition, you should have added: “you See here, any men with open shirts running around? You have a T-Shirt that you can wear? Otherwise, I’ll give you a blanket.”

Viral Facebook Post man feels from the Baby on the plane is annoyed and gets the appropriate response to the mother “you See here, any men with open shirts?”

too Much for the young woman. “All the people in the plane were staring at me. A woman sitting behind me took pity and offered me your jacket,” she writes. “Thank you, Jetstar, that you are ashamed of me and of me as a counter-power have offered. I’m disgusted.”

With “the” assumes a 50-Dollar voucher, the Airline in a letter in reply has assured, after you reported the incident.

Dear Jetstar I’m Writing a public post to let people know what kind of services you are providing. So on the 8/02/2019 I…

Posted by Shoshanna Strykert on Monday, 11. February 2019

In the Letter, which has published the woman also tried the Airline to explain the incident, obviously, indirectly, that the employee was overreacting due to stress. “Our cabin crew has a number of important tasks on Board,” it says, among other things. “Sometimes there are interruptions in service can put it under additional pressure and it may not have the time to provide the Service we want. Nevertheless, you have to, whenever you fly with us, every right to expect a friendly, courteous and professional Service and I apologize if this was your experience.” You could make sure the incident is reported to the management.

source: Facebook



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