The democrat Nancy Pelosi was re-elected Thursday, January 3, president of the american Chamber of representatives, the signing of a historic return to the third level, the most important of american politics. At age 78, the elected San Francisco becomes the first opponent of the republican Donald Trump, with whom she has frequently crossed the railway, and found the roost of the “speaker” that it had previously occupied between 2007 and 2010, then the first woman in american history to access a post like this crucial.

Donald Trump praised Nancy Pelosi a few hours after his election. “I congratulate Nancy on her election,” said Donald Trump during a press conference improvised, a few hours after the speech, Nancy Pelosi, now on the third level, the most important of american politics. “I hope we can work together and we can accomplish many things, such as infrastructure and many other things. And I know that they really want to, ” said Donald Trump about the opposition democratic party.

Nancy Pelosi said Thursday that she was “under no illusions” about the challenges ahead in a Congress divided the face of the republican president Donald Trump, while promising to work with the gathering, in ” respect “. “We are under no illusions, our work will not be easy,” said the elected democrat after having taken back the hammer of ” Speaker “, that it had already been held between 2007 and 2011, becoming at the time the first woman in american History to access a post like this crucial. “But promise that when we will not agree, we will respect and we will respect the truth,” she added in a speech to the new Room which has a record number of women and elected officials from minority communities.

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The 116th u.s. Congress met for the first time : 435 newly elected members of the House of representatives, now controlled by the democrats, and 100 senators in the Senate, which remains under republican control. In a joyous cacophony, punctuated by the crying of a baby, surrounded by her grandchildren and children of other elected officials who attended the ceremony, Nancy Pelosi was sworn in after being elected with 220 votes.

record Number of women and elected officials from minority communities : in front of a new Chamber which multiplies the ” first “, she welcomed the arrival of new members, including “the optimism, the idealism, “will” strengthen ” democracy. In the chamber, the new elected progressive Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez had chosen a trouser suit in white, as a tribute to the suffragettes who fought for women’s right to vote.

“climate Crisis”

Claiming to resume this post with great hope and confidence in the future “, Nancy Pelosi has recognized the “challenges” that await him. She says he wants to protect the middle class, while Donald Trump was able to, in 2016, to seduce some of the disappointed of the ” american dream “. But she also had a message of openness towards migrants, allegedly to protect “Dreamers” who arrived undocumented in the United States when they were minors.

On the environment, Nancy Pelosi has been very powerful words then that Donald Trump has withdrawn the United States from the Paris agreement. “We must also address the existential threat of our time : the climate crisis,” said the democrat. In the Senate, the vice-president, republican Mike Pence has chaired, the applause, the oath-taking.

13th day of the “shutdown”

If she said they want to gather beyond partisan lines, it is a challenge to Donald Trump to Nancy Pelosi takes the roost. She will submit to a vote at the end of the day, budget measures temporary that would release the u.s. government, partially paralyzed since 22 December. The White House has beforehand rejected these bills, as they do not include five billion dollars to finance the wall, as desired by the president to the border with Mexico to combat illegal immigration.

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Even if they are in the minority in the Senate, democrats there also have a great power deadlock as republicans (53 seats) need 60 votes to approve any budget law. On the 13th day of the ” shutdown “, it thus remains difficult to envisage an exit from the crisis. Donald Trump has invited the leaders of the Congress at a news meeting Friday.

Surveys and tax returns

This arm of iron could be that the firstfruits of fierce battles to come between the democrats and the White House, with, in the first place, the promise of multiple parliamentary inquiries. First line : the suspicions of collusion between Moscow and its team of election campaign in 2016, the mandate of the republican has, almost since its inception, already poisoned by the investigation of the special prosecutor, Robert Mueller.

With their new control of the House, the democrats are winning, in fact, the head of parliamentary committees have strong investigative powers, including those assigned to the witnesses and to order the presentation of documents. They have also promised billionaire he finally shows his tax returns. Donald Trump is the only presidential candidate in recent history american to be denied.

Behind the turbulence, the prospect of an impeachment process, or “impeachment” could be drawn more clearly. Nancy Pelosi has for the moment rejected this idea, saying they wanted to first wait for the conclusions of the investigation. Famous for his tactical sense, it would have to be put to the test of tension on this subject between the young shoots of the freshly-elected representatives who claim to be part of the “resistance” against the president and the elected democrats are more moderate, who have won in the constituencies pro-Trump.


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