In the fight against bottlenecks in raw materials for electric car batteries, Volkswagen has secured the supply of Lithium.

The Chinese lithium producer Ganfeng should supply the group and its supplier for the next ten years with the much-coveted commodity, with shared Volkswagen in Wolfsburg.

A corresponding Declaration of intent was signed. The Trend to electric cars in the whole industry will have a significant impact on the commodity markets, the demand for Lithium will double over the next few years more than. Both companies wanted to jointly work on battery recycling and solid batteries.

Volkswagen-procurement Executive Stefan Sommer said that long-term arrangements would have a “vital strategic importance” for the VW-electric offensive: “In the next ten years, Volkswagen will bring a group of more than 70 new pure E-vehicles on the road.”

by 2025 should roll a quarter of the new vehicles of the group electrically. For that alone, the group will need until 2025 with a battery capacity of more than 150 gigawatt-hours per year. The main producer of Lithium, with around 51,000 tonnes of Australia.

Volkswagen wants to increase from the end of 2019 the production of E-cars quickly – the first fully electric model of the proposed ID-family in Zwickau rolls off the Assembly line. By 2024, VW plans to spend about € 44 billion for the technologies of the future.

Meanwhile, something is in the question, whether in Europe, in the future, battery cells will be produced. Volkswagen recently announced to want to research on battery cells to advance, together with the Swedish battery manufacturers in North volt. The consortium, led by Volkswagen and North volt, also wants to participate in the Federal Economics Minister, Peter Altmaier (CDU) praised the promotion of industrial production of batteries.



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