For us here in the Bavarian Oberland there are many things that are quite normal for us, but to city slickers or Not, Bayern a bit irritating. Church, for example, plays a large role. We have a large Catholic Church, since 90 percent of all villagers go to the party, and a Protestant Church, since the whole Rest of it goes or stays home.

In the right Church, i.e. the Catholic, sit men and women separately. You can probably imagine, is it? But the men sit on the right and the women on the left. The old families still have name signs on the benches, and thus a firm seat that can be used by any other. You have to donate properly to the Church, so that it is possible. The Holy communion is completed and all run forward and pick up good your wafer.

ceremonies to follow clear laws

Last week, I was invited to the christening. My work colleague got a sweet little girl and her friend from Hamburg, was godmother. The priest through the ceremony and asks the godmother with the Baby in the Arm, solemnly: “And what we want the child?” The sponsor is the Church’s rituals are not so familiar, and answered with irritation: “Yes … that she is healthy and happy and get a good education and ahhh a lot of friends …” The priest has rolled with the eyes, they stalled and said: “We wish the child of the Holy baptism.” Then he has made in the naming ceremony. My work colleague and I have laughed at a later time.

The Holy first communion is a very serious thing. The girls get a white long dress, and go before to the hairdresser. Four years later, the confirmation. As the young people themselves are allowed to choose something to Wear. The main thing festive. At us here all simply in costume. After that, you go with the whole family, including Cousins, nieces, nephews, grandpa, grandma, aunts, uncles, etc. to eat. As of 14.30, there’s coffee and cake, and then all of the 23 people still come to home, where there are from 17 at bread time. The first wine, then beer, schnapps, bacon and cheese. Against 23 o’clock, because all of them are already blue, then a schnapps. Of the whole eating a three days is bad.

In the case of the highest family during the whole procedure the pastor to be a guest and eats. This is a great honor!

transactions are in the pub

Ever made of the pastor, the right, not the Evangelical, a great personality with us in the village. If the Holy Trinity (priest, savings Bank Director, the mayor) to sit together at the Altwirt for a beer, know any other that something Important is discussed. Because nobody dares to. Since then, very important things to be decided, such as whether the mayor is to advise the municipal Council, the planning application for the major customers of the savings Bank Director to agree, especially since the plans for a large donation to the Church and the pastor with the Huber-farmers has agreed to be a great deer to shoot for the mayor. Too complicated? Well, that’s Gschaftelhuberei. One Hand washes the other. The runs here all the time with us.

All have been in the car for a St. Christopher. All of them have Pentecostal branches in the car. The you can buy. To run a certain time in the year, the women from the Catholic women’s Federation from house to house and sell branches of the consecrated feast of Pentecost. To a protect. Therefore, the be bought of all and in the car hanged. All do not give to the carolers when your incense stuff at the beginning of the year to come, quite a bit of money for the Church with disgrace to Yes.

The Catholic Church is very> strictly

everything here is in Catholic hands. Soon, every second piece of land owned by the Catholic Church. I don’t know why the need so many donations, but it is certainly the case for the Church.

fatalities are more likely to Know the scary

you know what’s really creepy? When someone dies! Not because the one is dead, but because of the quirky rituals. Directly after the funeral to office goes to the pastor for the funeral feast (Yes, it is really so). The is then again a small binge as in the case of confirmation, and all are fun, drunk and laughing. Although one is dead! If it was especially good, will then praised with the words: “it was a particularly scheene Leich!” Joah, irony is a big thing here.

in Front of it to pray the Rosary. This is even creepier. You know what a rosary is? This is a prayer chain. You must pro pearl by prayer. So ten hail Mary’s to one our father. Uuuuuunendlich long. The rosary that will be held to pray (the night before the funeral), the six oldest village women who have nothing else to do, and to pray in an irritating sing-song the whole shebang, and while the members sit silently. Real strange – even for me.

Sometimes we are> amazingly flexible

Well, Yes. So, skin s’already with the Church. Actually. Now our old pastor is in pension is gone and we have to get a new one. Of the is black. Can you imagine that? Here in the backwoods village. A huge drama was! Nice, slow is again. After the rosary have noticed Pray, that he is really a believer, have been given the green light and the villagers are slowly thawed.

we are interested in the all thanks to God. My daughter wants to start on your number plate from the Revolution to the 666 and I stick to the Motto: “Fuck Heaven, I go to Valhalla!”


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