“You look kind of sick” – you could be angry about this remark of friends and Acquaintances, suggests that you look particularly advantageous. Or you take it seriously. Because Swedish scientists have found in a new study that we are reliably able to detect if a Person is sick or not.

While other species rely mainly on their sense of smell – dogs can diagnose cancer with your fine nose, it is sufficient for us, a careful look into his face. “We are able to interpret subtle clues in the skin, the eyes and the mouth,” says John Axelsson from the Karolinska Institute, one of the Co-authors of the study, which was published in the “Proceedings of the Royal Society B”.

people Sick reliably detect

For their Experiment, the Team Axelsson injected in two sessions of 16 subjects, eight men, eight women – once with a Placebo, the other Time a molecule of bacteria. Because the immune system does not know that it is actually a harmless substance, turning it on, the result of typical disease symptoms are. The scientists photographed the participants ten minutes to two hours after injection, at this time, the test persons to feel uncomfortable.

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the images were Then shown to 60 students, which should assess whether the Person shown is sick or not. The different images of the same Person were shown directly one after the other. Of the total of 2945 reviews the students were 41 percent of the faces as a hospital – that’s right 50 per cent actually are. Of these 1215 “Sick reviews”, however, were 775 right and 440 in the wrong. The test persons recognized, therefore, 81 percent of Patients, a result well above the rate of probability.

advantage for the company

Then wanted to scientists to find out what the students were able to distinguish the sick from the Healthy. In a second round, it turned out that certain disease characteristics in the face are evidence – for example, pale lips, a bright face color, hanging corner of the mouth, swelling or redness of the eyes. In the case of well-known faces (such as close friends or family members), the hit rate is even higher, according to the scientists.

The advantage is obvious: By recognizing diseases in their early stages, you can reduce the risk of infection. When the initial symptoms such as Snorting or coughing occur, it is already too late. “We hold, therefore, after these first signs to look out for,” says Axelsson the “Washington Post”. In a further Experiment, the Team wants to find out to Axelsson, whether Physicians and medical personnel trained, Ill to detect just on the basis of the face – or if they don’t perform better than the randomly selected students.

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