Large dragon, a lot of bare skin and spectacularly staged Action: “Game of Thrones” is still by far the most popular series in the world. In less than two weeks, the final season of the fantasy series starts, and not only the producing HBO should be happy about record calls. Also in the pirated copy Charts, the series, has been sitting for years, reliably, on the (Iron) throne.

But who from 14. April is not legally turn on, but the series wants to illegally download on Bittorrent services, should be better the Finger. This is not only morally questionable, but can also be dangerous: in this week by the security firm Kaspersky published a report that viruses and Trojans are the most frequently as “Game of Thrones” episodes disguised.

“Game of Thrones”: This is the most dangerous Episode

in 2018, were not “Game of Thrones”pirated copies for the 17 percent of the infected Downloads, although there were new episodes. Most often, the first and the last Episode of a season were infected, respectively. The “most dangerous” Episode at all, seam is the opening episode of the first season “Winter”.


Jon snow (Kit Harington) and Daenerys Targaryen (Emilia Clarke) in “Game of Thrones”

©Sky/ HBO / Bright Sloan

In the last two years, 33 different malware types were identified. Although the absolute number of affected users decreased in comparison to 2017 by around a third. The researchers expect the Hype around the final season, however, with an increase in infections. The last season of the series is likely to become grateful for them as bait by cyber criminals apprehended.

only “Game of Thrones” is not Yet hijacked by Criminals, but also “The Walking Dead”, “Suits,” “The Big Bang Theory”, “Vikings”, “Grey’s Anatomy” or “This Is Us”.

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