The production of one litre of milk requires about as much carbon dioxide as the combustion of a litre of petrol. A not-too-good eco-balance. And one of the reasons why more and more people require to plant milk. But is that really better?

sales of The milk Alternatives is growing from year to year. This is partly due to the fact that the Lifestyle of the people changes. More and more feed vegan or vegetarian, or consciously value it to consume less animal products such as cow’s milk.

the Yellow, aqueous layer “Not suitable for consumption”: Stiftung Warentest warns of verkeimter soy milk rain forest to soy soft

Where there is demand, there should be, of course, also an offer. The industry knows no scruples. Therefore, it is not surprising that the production of soy milk, for example, is quite problematic. The EU imports around 35 million tonnes of soya per year, half of which comes from Brazil. To deliver the amount of required space. That is why there are huge fields at the expense of the rain forest. In addition, the soy-growing mostly genetically modified monocultures, which are protected by the use of pesticides against pests.

in Most cases, soy is used for soy milk, rather than animal feed. Especially Americans and Europeans drink soy milk the most. Positive: The soy in the plant drinks comes mostly from Brazil. Market leader Alpro use soya from Canada and Europe, and is trying to make sure that the cultivation is as sustainable as possible and as little plants will be used protection as possible. The organic offshoot Provamel refers to soy fully out of Europe. The soy milk of the French organic company’s Soy (Soya!) used soy, which comes exclusively from France.

The production of almond milk is problematic

In the case of the almond milk in it is a little more problematic. 80 percent of the processed almonds come from California. Grown on huge areas of mono-cultures, the almond is, in itself, also requires a lot of water. Scientists have found out that for a Liter of almond milk in comparison to cow’s milk about one-tenth less greenhouse gases are released, they but it consumes 17 Times more water. This is true at least for the almond cultivation in California. For European cultivation areas, no Figures are available.

New coffee creation and Latte Macchiato is made with oat milk? Why is this not a good idea From Denise Snieguole Wachter

At the most sustainable in the consumption of oat milk. For that you need cleared, neither rain forests, the California desert to be watered. The Swedish company Oatly used, for example, oats in the center of the country. Also, the company is Called, refers exclusively to the German oats. In comparison to cow’s milk oat milk has 70 percent less on the environment and consumed in the production of just under 40 percent of the energy. Who to avoid for ecological reasons, cow’s milk, should grab the best oat milk.

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