My friend from school C. had the good idea to marry the Ceylonesin A. and to spend his life after several years in Central Asian countries – in Sri Lanka. The two have a house in Kandy, in the high-country town with a temple, in which a “Tooth of Buddha” is kept and revered. The house we were able to rent two years ago and came under the influence of a staff Faktotums by the name of Michael. Michael could cook. He cooked so well that he fed my wife and me, within two weeks, so thick that when we complete the follow up today.

Now, it is not at all so that the South Asian cuisine would be very rich in calories. But Michael cooked just so and much and served with overflowing joy and irresistible views at lunchtime as well as also again in the evening always the same so many Goodies that we were able to impossible to only eat one Serving of a court of law.

in Addition, the meeting with Michael took place in February. Always in February, the Craving for Asian cuisine comes over me, especially after curries. Of all of the domestic winter food with their Red, Green and rose the coal I’m looking for then a change. The sri Lankan cuisine offers many.

In the case of breaking the February feelings, I suggest since that trip always liked Michael, I have some recipes have. We think Yes in the case of Indo-subkontinen fundamental kitchen immediately to the spice Curry. This Curry is known to have no spice, but a preparation with varying spices.

nevertheless, many cooks and chefs have a personal spice mix that you will prepare in larger quantities. The amount of the showed me, Michael, rich for a while (under the condition that they are in an airtight and light-resistant container is closed). Because it is so durable, it is worth at the time of their preparation, with rest and care. The Roasting of spices lasts long and smells strong. Mindfulness teacher would stop us now with cotton fluffy words, the scent of the Roasting process with all the senses as a gift from Heaven true, and to accept them. You are right.

so Here is Michael’s mixture

rod approx. 5 cm, 1 TSP Cinnamon, cloves 250 ml coriander seeds, 125 ml cumin seeds, 1 TBSP fennel seeds, 1 TSP fenugreek seed, 1, 1 TSP cardamom seeds (from the shell dissolved in the black seeds), 2 TBSP of dry curry leaves – 2 TSP chilli powder and 2 TSP of rice flour.

warning: 2 TSP Chili can exceed the Western pain tolerance (“sharp” is not a taste, “sharp” is a feeling); perhaps it is recommended to start with 1 or just 1/2 TSP – sharpened, you can always. The rice flour can be reset or not. Its purpose is to stretch the volume of the mixture a little and to make the liquid of the Sauce to create a creamy consistency.

but Now: In a dry steel pan, and over low heat, sequentially, separately and patiently, coriander, cumin, fennel and fenugreek roasting to a dark brown color, without the individual quantities burn. (You will be roasted separately, because they respond to heat at different speeds, which prohibits a common treatment.) All of the spices together in a mortar or in a flash hacker powder, Chili and rice flour to authorize reset (disconnected).

does it have to be always so spicy? Fullscreen

one after the other and over a low heat, the individual spices are roasted in a steel pan

©Wolfgang Schardt

It is certainly not so that the South Asian dishes would all be always sharp, even in Sri Lanka this is not so. Illustrative of the Mildness of many dishes is a simple vegetable curry, for not even the basic rule here is that the spices are first in the fat anzurösten, before comes the main ingredient of meat, fish or vegetables.

750 ml coconut milk (thin), 1 onion into thin strips, 2 green chillies, cut lengthwise and seeded, Needed chopped, 1/2 TSP turmeric (powder), 2 cloves of garlic sliced thin, 1/2 TSP ginger root, freshly grated, 1 stick Cinnamon, small finger long to get 4 Pandanus leaves (as in the Asia-Shop, otherwise omit), 1 stalk lemongrass 8 curry leaves (dried), 750 g (together), pumpkin and Zucchini, cleaned and sliced, Salt, 250 ml thick coconut milk.

attention: Indian/Ceylon recipes often require thin and thick coconut milk, because in the tropics the milk from fresh grated nuts, different thickness can be pressed. We can’t do that. Instead, we take 1 Liter of coconut milk from the can. I do it so that I can work after Opening the box, first with the thin running milky water and the firmer cream at the end would be.

So: All the ingredients – with the exception of the last three in a large saucepan, bring to a boil and is open to simmer for 10 minutes. The vegetables cooking, it is different to narrow down quickly (depending on the Pumpkin variety) time bad. With the pumpkin pieces start and after a few minutes, the Zucchini, season with salt and cook both open end.

At the end of the thick coconut milk, the dish cook for a further 5 minutes open and then with rice and Chutney garnish. This range bowls with salted peanuts, pineapple, and banana in pieces and dry coconut flakes (to Sprinkle over the top of the curry).

For chicken or meat curries, however, the basic rule is: 1-2 TBSP butter melted and 1 chopped onion and 1 clove of garlic fry fry 1-2 TBSP curry powder to admit, 3 minutes Mitro, then the meat, add 5 minutes on all sides of roast with broth and coconut milk add, salt, to taste chopped fresh chili pepper add and cook the meat at the end.

The Grinding of spices, I prefer the large mortar. He makes no noise, and I can control the process better than in the flash hackers. Any residual quantities I give in a glass jar and use it for a couple of days later.


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