wolves colonize, according to a study of military terrain they prefer areas even compared to nature conservation. Military training areas are for the animals themselves, then no Problem, if there shooting exercises take place. “This is for all animals in a well-predictable fault,” said Ilka Reinhardt of the wild organic Institute Lupus, who led the study.

Between 2000 and 2015 to 16 of a total of 79 new wolf originated in Germany, therefore, areas on military grounds. In contrast, the predator conservation selected areas only nine times as a habitat. The remaining areas were in other areas. Meanwhile, wolves live on 13 of 21 military training areas with an area of 30 square kilometers, and more. In the case of similar large protected areas there are only eight of 55.

The researchers assume that the preference for military areas to do so, that there are no hunters show up – although wolves may not be shot as a strictly protected species anyway. It is, however, illegal firings. In their analysis, the scientists found that the mortality rate of wolves on the military terrain is lower than in nature reserves.

wolves registered exactly where hunts take place, and the remembered Reinhardt said. The animals were also able to preparations for shooting practice catch and to take cover.

walkers and cyclists disturbing as shooting exercises

Vanessa Ludwig, of the contact office of the wolves was confirmed in Saxony, that the predators with military terrain well. “Wolves feel on military training areas because it is there due to the shut-off except for the military activities there are no other disturbances,” said the expert. Walkers, cyclists or mushroom-pickers for wild animals, however, much more stressful. Because of the same reasons, the prey animals of the wolf feel to the military field, at the same time, the food supply for the predators is greater.

said On the military training area Oberlausitz in Saxony, one quips, in the meantime, The wolves would know the shooting times better than some of the soldier, a former commander. For dealing with wolves, no specific regulations exist, there is no problem to live together with the Wolf, it was said of the German armed forces. According to the General rule, but will not be shot, when animals show up on a Firing range, said the land command Saxony. In addition, it is prohibited to dispose of food scraps in the forest, so that no animals are attracted.

military site in order to support the diversity of species

About 100 years after the last observation of a wolf in Saxony in 1996 for the first time seen such an animal – on the troop exercise area in upper Lusatia in the district of Görlitz. According to the Federal Agency for nature conservation in Germany according to recent data, 73 pack of wolves, 30, wolf pairs and three sedentary individuals. Most of the life in Saxony, lower Saxony and Brandenburg.

training courses can generally support the diversity of species, because there is part of the species that thrive are found elsewhere in the country. The areas have huge expanses and are hardly cut up by roads, they are also often over a long time, people rooms largely empty. A well-known example of the huge Salisbury Plain Training Area in the South of England. In the for more than 100 years existing military area and is home to many endangered species that are elsewhere long gone claim.


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