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On the first of December, world Aids day, marked the 30. Time. TIME ONLINE the takes the occasion to remind you of two extraordinary AIDS researchers. You would still live, would be much.

17. July 2014: On the wing, which is located in a Ukrainian wheat field, is still a piece of the aircraft fuselage. A red Trolley has opened and clothes on the floor spat. The earth is charred. None of the 289 aircraft occupants ‘ lives.

2. September 1998: A full aircraft model McDonnell Douglas MD-11, crashes in the St. s Bay South West, Margaret,’the canadian Halifax. Here, too, all 229 passengers die.

Much separates the two crashes: 16 years, thousands of kilometers, and the cause of the crash. While MH was shot down 17 Russian separatists, crashed Swiss Air flight 111, because of short circuits sparked in the on-Board electronics of a fire. And yet, the two accidents are connected. On Board of both the machines of the world’s leading immuno-sat boxes and activists. With MH-17 known doctor Joep wanted to be in the world Long via Kuala Lumpur to Melbourne for the international AIDS conference. On Board Swiss Air 111 Jonathan man sat, a human rights activist and former Director of the AIDS program of the world health organization (WHO).

“As Malaysia Airlines MH17 […] was shot down, asked the world whether a cure for HIV from the sky had fallen, and between the burning of scrap disappeared.” So Seema Yasmin writes in her recently published book, The Impatient Dr. Long (English: The impatient Dr. Long). However, the earth today would be in fact a healthier place, would have achieved the targets to only healing?

The beginning of the AIDS epidemic: a great puzzle

is It pure coincidence that the lives of two of the most important fighters against Aids ended in similar and coincidences have lost in the science and Write about nothing, really. The search for answers to the question, who and what, exactly, the two aircraft lost in crashes for AIDS research went up, but a picture of two charismatic Doctors, which have saved in the fight against Aids, probably thousands of lives – and their stories deserve to be, in any case, told.

At the beginning of a great perplexity. In emergency rooms around the world, young people are on strike in the early eighties, especially men, inflammation, fever, lung and cases of suffering. Your oral cavity is not infrequently wear the white fuzz is a fungal infection, your lymph nodes are swollen, the Doctors diagnose unusual carcinomas of the skin, the Hiking of the calves and shins to the soles of the feet.

HIV and Aids What are HIV and Aids?

The human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) is a so-called Retrovirus. It writes its genetic material into the genome of the host cell and forces them to reproduce it. HIV infects different body cells, including important cells of the immune system such as phagocytes (macrophages), and helper T cells that coordinate the immune response. In the result, the T-helper cells either die because of cracks in their cell wall, if you make new virus particles into the bloodstream, they initiate programmed cell death, or be killed by their own immune system, because of this you will recognize as infected.

the infection Is not treated, it decreases the number of T-helper cells, the immune system is weaker. The final stage of immunodeficiency is Aids (acquired immunodeficiency syndrome). Aids is inflammation due to life-threatening infections such as lung with aggressive fungi, inflammation of the brain, but also through cancer characterized diseases.


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