Violence in nursing: If everything is too much

Contents page 1 — When everything is too much page 2 — A child welfare for the Old? On a page never before have so many people care were in need of renovation as it is today: 3.5 million people in Germany, two...

Iran: The Ayatollah returns

Contents page 1 — The Ayatollah returns page 2 — The call for an Islamic state to page 3, The last Phase of the Revolution On a page read It began in Paris. At the request of the Iranian Shah, the dictator of...

Temperature jumps: Now extreme cold – in three days of spring

Contents page 1 — Now extreme cold – in three days of spring page 2 In Europe, such jumps would be impossible! On a page It is extremely. The National weather service (NWS) of the United States warns of "frostbite in a matter...

Jens Spahn : the Minister of health keeps cancer for soon beaten

Minister of health, Jens Spahn (CDU) holds a cancer in the foreseeable future for curable. "There is a good chance that we have defeated in ten to 20 years, the cancer," said Spahn of the Rheinische Post. The medical progress is immense,...

Smoking cessation: Easier to stop thanks to E-cigarette?

Contents page 1 — Easier to stop thanks to E-cigarette? Page 2 — "It is the first publication, the real evidence" On a page read It causes cancer, increases the risk for many other diseases, is seen in the General Public are increasingly...


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What are the Crucial Reasons to Consider Redesigning Your Website?

Redesigning website is a strategic choice for the website owners. Effective website design can become the reason for the massive success of the online-based...