Environmental pollution: environmental hazards hit the Poorest the most

environment difficult hazards such as air pollution or extreme temperatures in the EU, people in regions with high unemployment and low income. This was the conclusion of a recent report by the European environment Agency. Especially areas in the South and South-East...

World cancer day: Less women due to breast cancer treated

The number of breast cancer women treated in Germany between 2007 and 2017 by 11.9 percent. The German Federal Statistical office announced on the occasion of world cancer day. Accordingly, two years ago, 129.692 women were hospitalised due to breast cancer. ...

Drugs: Josh grew up sheltered

to fall asleep As a little Boy Josh can do best, if that, his father by the nose from the back to the forehead and strokes. He lives in the country, as the only child in a big house with the blue...

The ground: How is the soil?

Contents page 1 — How is the soil? Page 2 — Broken, poisoned, error-nourishes or over-salt page 3 — What helps make the floors? Page 4 — We know little about the earthly cosmos as a System On a page to read Dirty...

Marion Countess Dönhoff: Who is allowed to write here?

Contents page 1 — Who is allowed to write here? Page 2 — inclined To moral purism, you never had a page 3 — Marion Dönhoff what you wanted On a page "In the anteroom of Power" read: Harmless, the title of Carl...


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