cyclists have in traffic is often the Check, but when the topic of “alcohol on the Handlebars” you are in a privileged Position. While motorists have to face the consequences, if you have 0.5 per Mille drink, can ride, the cyclists of the police unmolested, as long as he has less than 1.6 per Mille in the blood. For cyclists, the Federal court of justice in 1986, has defined the absolute unfitness to drive as low as 1.7 ppm. In the case law, courts today generally of a threshold value of 1.6 ppm.

Only in the case of a value above a cyclist is regarded as absolutely unfit to drive. Really useful, experts do not find this limit, because a shocking number of bike accidents is alcohol in the game. Is considered a limit of 1.1 ppm. This is always measured yet plentiful. Because even with an alcohol level of 1.1 problems in perception and coordination.

Why is the per mil value for cyclists so high?

again and again, there are political initiatives to reduce the value to 1.1 per thousand, the Andes, then regular verse. Because the question of when one is unfit to drive, may be set by the legislators themselves are gorgeous, he must be scientifically determined.

The last attempt failed miserably. A study by the accident research of the insurers (UDV) should underpin the new frontier science. Stupid only, that the in the service of science drunk made cyclists hit better than expected. The test course with the University of Düsseldorf was built, completed a few Guinea pigs with flying colors – some even had much more than 1.6 parts per thousand in the blood, and nevertheless no difficulties. After all, the test persons from 1,1 per mill, compared to a sober ride should have provided worse performance.

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In the transport must allow cyclists a whole lot, so the highway code says it is. Even if some motorists do not want to see the partout.


For drivers: cyclists are allowed to do everything in the transport

©Flo Karr Unsplash risk is the risk of the wheel

Why is that? The risk of a wheel is significantly less than that of a motor vehicle. Since the speed is limited, it remains for a longer time for a response. When Driving on the highway this is particularly evident. At Tempo 100, a vehicle requires a 130 meters until it comes to a standstill, the driver has a perfect emergency braking, the car to 80 meters. The reaction time is assumed to be a second, even the most sober Car-driver need usually longer. In a second, the car has travelled about 30 metres. A Bicycle rider with a pace of 20 is within 10 meters. So drunk can’t be a cyclist that he needed the 80 metres to come to a standstill, which is in need of a sober driver. This is certainly an extreme example, but even at a speed of 50 kph in the city, the values are 40, or 27.5 metres. Other problems such as the Dodge and the course to the speed of the vehicle plays a crucial role. Or simply put: Would cars traveling only 20 to 25 km/h top speed, were it not for the tax probably also other ppm-values.

cyclists with more than 1.6 Promille

What happens if a cyclist with more than 1.6 parts per thousand will be caught on the Handlebars? Adopted by the cyclist is controlled routinely, without it is previously come to be problems and even an accident. Then he can lose with 1.6 per mil, his driver’s license – he does not have it.

it can be required to provide a Medical-Psychological examination – short – MPU, in order to prove that he is able to run a Car. He falls in the MPU, he also loses the driver’s license. To do this, he must reckon with a fine and three points in Flensburg. In the MPU, however, is not a rating of the unique wrongdoing. The investigation is to determine whether the person Concerned shows a dangerous pattern of behavior. In this case, Whether he tends to be drunk on the roads.

Important: Below of 1.6% of the cyclists will be able to retain the driver’s license because of him going to the MPU will be spared. Unless he’s already been picked up several times drunk on the Handlebars. In the case of repeat offenders, even Cycling can be prohibited.

penalty of less than 1.6 per Mille

So you can’t go Scot-free drunk bike, if you overdo it, and below 1.6 per mil? No, it is not. This applies only when someone is in spite of the consumption of Alcohol safely and discreetly on the road. He falls with an “alcohol-typical behaviour,” sees it differently. People who do not respect traffic signs, miss, in queue lines or without a light in the dark, shows that he is able to use the roads. In a eye-catching way of driving or even an accident, it comes from a value of 0.3 ppm to a criminal complaint. Then, two points and a fine threaten.


it Is now sensible, too drunk to leave the car and take the wheel? Reasonable and responsible Action is not so sure, but it comes off relatively lightly. A practical example: in 2014 an engineer cycled at night from Oktoberfest to the house. However, he crashed several times, two police officers were aware of him. As you talked to him, he said: “you Know what I say to sausages such Hans: I’ll pay you two idiots.” He had of 1.56 per Mille in the blood.

The whole thing – offense and alcohol – cost the man of 2000 Euro, that would be him, the Same will happen with a motorcycle, would have been the driver’s licence for nine months and, presumably, the penalty would have been significantly higher.

Tricks in everyday life Why it is wiser to leave the driving licence house-to –

The driver’s license must have drivers. Nevertheless, it has advantages to take a penalty in purchase and leave the cloth at home.


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