The world is only a few hours flight. Hardly a place that could not be reached. And in comparison to earlier, even at relatively affordable prices. 100 years ago, began what we now know as modern air travel – albeit much smaller and a lot more adventurous. At the time, it was the first regular passenger flights in Germany. And the first scheduled flights between different countries.

On the 22. In March 1919, for example, the international air traffic route from Paris to Brussels opened. It is considered to be one of the first of this kind. With the regular international line connection has been established, something to which people were able to leave. You could buy Tickets in advance and the plane flew, whether full or nearly empty. A small Revolution.

The French Airline, Lignes Aériennes Farman carried out the flights. And anyone who sees pictures of 1919, the sky, scared maybe, In a machine of the Airline, the seats are similar to chairs, tend to the garden. Of security no trace belts. Only a dozen or so guests had a place. In a century, much has changed.

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was The Farman F. 60 “Goliath” is a converted Bomber: On 8. In February 1919, the Farman Airlines by flight Paris-London opened the first international Luftverkerslinie.


“earlier, the Pilot had to be a bit of an adventurer, to prescribe this new technology. And the passengers, by the way. Had to join in the adventure of Yes,” says aviation expert Cord Schellenberg. Then the adventure started in the luxury space. The early modern air travel was inspired by the shipping. You traveled with Hutkoffern and a Steward served the passengers.

pilots as “the gods above the clouds”

The luxury to have begun with the first large aircraft, says author Gunter Hartung. In the United States began in the 1930s, elsewhere, later. “Flying was a very glamorous event.” Pilots as “the gods above the clouds” and stewardesses reputation had to be considered. A dream job of many girls.

Interview, Heike Birlenbach Lufthansa-Manager: “The delays and waiting times were sometimes unbearable,”

The machines were bigger, the food arrived on the tray, and the seats were now unfolding. Finally, Schellenberg, was invented in the economy class. All the seats in the new large machines also had to be filled. The front of luxury – at the rear a little less. Some Airline served myself a Cocktail. “It was smoked from all of the pipes,” says Hartung.

Once only wealthy people with the plane flew in the metropolises of the world. In the 1960s, flying had become, even in Germany, to a mass phenomenon, so Hartung. Consequences of the economic miracle. And while some played with the car to Northern Italy, flew other to Mallorca. “Tourism was booming.” There were more Airlines and prices fell.

More than 4 billion passengers

According to data by the international air transport Association IATA are flown in the past few years, more and more people. In the year 2017, more than 4 billion air were registered guests. And in the skies over Germany, so many planes were in the last year on-the-go like never. According to the IATA forecast could double the number of flight passengers worldwide in the next 20 years.

Interview, 15 million miles-millionaire Fred Finn: “I flew 718 Times on the Concorde,” By Till Bartels

fly belong today to the modern life style, says expert Schellenberg. There are Low-Cost, Classic, Business, First Class, Deluxe or private jet. Anyone can look at what he can afford. So that has changed but also the in-flight experience. Because if you fly cheap, you must dispense with the amenities, which were earlier taken for granted. Battle of the Luggage racks which passengers free of charge in your hand Luggage to bring? Previously unthinkable.

Not only does the case give up, the food can be cheap flyers now have to pay extra. On long-haul routes, a lot of the order of tomato juice, there are movies to choose from and the food arrives in the aluminum package: “Chicken or Pasta?” Some passengers wear Jogging pants and the nape of the neck pinch ends behind the head.

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Eurowings, Economy Class, (Smart Collective) folding table: Barcelona – Hamburg

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people Who have old pictures of that time by looks, women Costumes and men in the suit. Was flying so chic? Earlier was due to the exclusivity of flying, for example, the allocation of staff is greater, says a Journalist Hartung, who by now has been around 50 years with the fly. “It was also much freer.” At the time, I may also look into the Cockpit, which is today.

“Today, there is often the Einklass – democratic fly. Since the business woman is sitting next to the tourists,” explains Schellenberg. However, there are still noble luxury. The cost however. “You can rent a private Butler, there are offers, because one has a shower or a seat next to his bed.” Only the safety must always be the same, no matter what the cost of the flight.

The skirts were shorter

Also in the case of the Airlines has changed a lot. In the case of Lufthansa, the skirts of the stewardesses with the time were shorter in the 70s, they were almost Twiggy-length. Today not only women to work in the profession. And Virgin Airlines has just cancelled the Make-up requirement for stewardesses. Women no longer need to apply make-up, necessarily, if you want to. You are invited to be still, said a spokeswoman.

flight attendants-Quiz What are the Stewardess belongs to which Airline?

Today’s stewardesses and Stewards to sell on the side of perfume, computer accessories, or in the case of some of the airlines also scratchcards. The working conditions have changed. Today, you would have a lot less time in one place, says Hartung. Because the flight times have become shorter, the Crew often also less time for the Service.

According to the hardening narrative line have started flights within a country, by the way, earlier. In 1914, there had been a first regular air connection in Florida, for the passengers paid. The machine flew only a few minutes from Saint Petersburg to Tampa. At that time, the pilots still had Outdoor sitting, the author writes. Today, unimaginable.

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