Who instructs a service, you must pay for that, too – actually, this logic is self-explanatory. Just on the subject of real estate, it took a long time to this ordering principle. In the case of rental housing, it is already law. There the one who pays for the broker who hired him. This is usually the property owner or the property Manager. However, when purchasing a house or apartment this is not the case. The brokerage fees make the purchase of real estate is even more expensive.

The demand for real estate in Germany is unbroken. In 2018 more than 90 percent of all German districts and district-free cities, higher sales were recorded in prices for houses and apartments than in the previous year, as the “living Atlas 2019” the Postbank. “The real estate prices currently know only one direction, namely upward,” says the head of the real estate business at Postbank, Eva Grunwald to “AFP”. The high prices are reflected on the percentage-dependent purchase cost. The land transfer tax (to six percent) and the notary costs (approximately two percent) to be paid – and often the brokerage fees. Although the seller has requested it. Up to 7.14% of the purchase price in some States for the broker due. And the the buyer pays, depending on the state for half or even all alone.

nation-wide evaluation, So a lot of brokers cash in really real estate buyers

Although usually, the seller hires the broker, the buyer will always pay higher commissions. A nationwide analysis shows, where you have to dig deep into their pockets.

By Daniel Bakir bill: the broker by the ordering principle,

Federal Minister of justice Katarina Barley (SPD) is looking to expand the change and the ordering principle, which is valid since 2015 in the case of the rental of dwellings, the purchase of real estate. A corresponding draft law has placed on the way. +++Click here to read: Thus, one expects realistically, how much money you need for the purchase of real estate +++

Interview a real estate broker, A realtor from the pack: “The worst are lawyers and teachers,” By Daniel Bakir

The broker had failed in the conversion of rental housing Alarm. They feared bitter loss in sales due to the ordering principle. Actually, the Brokers have changed, apparently, according to “business week”. The tenant had earlier no possibility of the amount of the brokerage fee to have a say, you now have a direct influence. Only if the tenant instructs a broker, he must pay. And Since then, the ordering principle applies, work broker at more attractive pricing. A real estate agent, with cheap prices. According to the data of the research company F+B would be reduced but the number of homes that are offered on the usual flat platform. Apparently, the landlord will take the search to new residents themselves, in order to save the brokerage fee. You can also search by new tenant the previous tenant, for property owners are now financially attractive.

additional fees and bribes As brazen estate agents continue to be the tenant to the cashier to ask

Actually, the tenant must pay due to a change in the law the estate agent only then, if you have him commissioned. However, housing providers have been blatant and even illegal Tricks to come up with.

Katharina Grimm Higher prices for real estate by the ordering principle?

However, The rental was not offside sought-after cities in the revenue drivers of the industry. Really money earned, the broker with the sale of real estate. That could change now. The previously rigid brokerage fee of 5.95 up to 7.14 percent, which is shared in Berlin, Bremen, Hamburg, Brandenburg and Hesse so far only by the buyer, in the other länder, at most, could fall. Experts expect that the Commission will settle on a maximum of three percent.

umbrella, Mat, room spray The feed package or: How to get tenants money from the bag pulls Of Katharina Grimm

The agents react as in the case of the switching to the ordering principle in the case of rental apartments: they reject the Changes. “The announcement to reduce the cost of acquisition of residential property by the broker’s costs are to be reduced, is totally inappropriate”, says Jürgen Michael Schick, President of the industry Association IVD. The seller would be charged the cost for the agent Commission on the purchase price, says Schick. That would leave the prices in the in-demand Metropolitan areas, even more are on the rise.



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