Gräfelfing – The Alarm went to 16.19 PM on Friday. The Volunteer fire Department Gräfelfing moved in with great numbers. A total of 39 Gräfelfinger were in use. They got the help of the plan, EGGER colleagues, the Munich fire fighters, the volunteer fire brigade of Munich as well as the fire inspection. The plan, EGGER brought to the position of the water supply to a water tank. With United forces managed to fight back the fire to stop the flames just before Reaching the high forest.

officials Also plan EGGER police were on the spot. A police helicopter provided air support and sought after extinguishing the fire with a thermal imaging camera according to a further gluten-nests.

12,500 square feet of the young forest

What had caused the first forest fire on Gräfelfinger area heuer, remained unclear. The area affected was 250 times 50 feet tall. It hasn’t rained in two, three days, could have played according to Thomas Hickel, spokesman for the Gräfelfinger military, a role. The ground, young trees and Grass were dry.

a forest fire in Gräfelfing: Extensive damping-down work

“The dry Grass burns like tinder,” says Hickel. The forces, the fire was quickly brought under control, after one and a half hours it was deleted. There is extensive damping-down work, which continued into the evening followed.

at the beginning of March it was already burning in the East of Munich: forest fire keeps firefighters in breathing – Who is the arsonist in the East of Munich?


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