build A house, plant a tree and conceive a child – this is the long-standing list of requirements for men. But with the child it The Father meant for most men a massive change. With the young but there are also a lot of experience. On Twitter men of what you experience as fathers to report: in funny, sentimental, or thoughtful anecdotes.

We have compiled some of the Tweets, in which certainly, many fathers find it again. The young, for example, in the case of some things, still has difficulties to Express themselves correctly and, therefore, for the Amusement ensures that is familiar with everyone.

Within the family are forged alliances. The children are the accomplices …

… once we ally with the mother, to play Small tricks on.

But not always the father and the mother are all on the same wavelength.

One of the first things to learn fathers ‘ own needs will need to be reset. From now on, the Junior is the boss in the Ring.

he Has this once internalized, the father, over the years, a lot of useful tricks. Soon, he knows exactly what to look for and how he gets to the whims of the young in the handle.

And because the father just so smart, wise and strong, is his advice, and sometimes the active help very much in demand. For each Situation, he has a life hack of Europe. And sometimes he has to force the children to their happiness.

Until then, get to a point where, and the children are, the need to engage the father in the case of the seemingly simple things under the arms.

But make no mistake about it: In the end, it is still the father, the Lord of the house remains and therefore, everything in the view.

And don’t forget: fathers, no matter how strong and confident you are sometimes a little support and encouragement seem. Not only on father’s day.



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