A woman with the user name Juniper asked on Twitter the other mothers, which remains permanently remained from her pregnancy. You could have recorded larger feet and grieve for your shoes that you could wear before the first pregnancy. In fact, many women report larger and/or wider feet. In the replies under the Post, some of the Remnants can be identified with which many women have to deal with a whole lot. But it is also reported of exciting and curious individual cases. What remains is for all the women and all the Negative in the shadows: you get a small people, the Only thing that matters.

“I’m not close, but in the water

Many of the mothers report that they have become since the birth of your child, emotional. A woman replies that she had previously cried very rarely, but now the tears come, when the kindergarten teacher tells sweet stories about the kids. A user writes: “I am close to, but in the water built”, and a mother responds: “I am not built in the water, I’m in Venice.” The emotions seem to be especially high when in a movie a child comes to harm.

The Remnants of “pudding belly” and “tiger stripes” are often called. The Affected no longer believe that the skin is on the belly taut and there and in other Places also, stretch marks have formed. In addition, many mothers complain of a “sieve brain” after pregnancy. A user asks whether other women may have forgot to mention this answer.

Not only on the outside of the body

changes After pregnancy seems to have many mothers, the sense of taste is altered. Some say that you like food, you have not eaten before, such as tomatoes, broccoli or Beetroot. Raw meat is no longer enjoy after birth, many mothers report. Very often it is said that intolerance had suddenly disappeared. A woman says that her mother used to have a horse hair Allergy, this had disappeared after the birth. For that, you got hay fever.

the skin Also changed for most mothers. Some complain of adolescent pimples, while others have eczema after birth disappeared. A user writes that she was sweating before the birth is always strong and the significantly have improved. Also hair growth is much debated. A mother tells of their hair density, “the last, according to Barber for three”. Other women complain of increased hair growth, especially in Places where no hair belongs. Another large theme: a fear of heights and the associated dizziness. Many mothers say that merry-go-round and a view platforms, best be own after the first child is possible. The trampoline seems to be after the birth to be rather unpopular – from incontinence of reasons.

A user replied that you felt since the pregnancy a bad Würgreiz, if you brush your tongue, or the posterior molar teeth. This Suffering is also other to tune your. Recurring issues, depressive moods, and depression after pregnancy, which are only slowly better. Divided opinions, the change in the eyes. Some say that their eyes were after the birth much better, others report that they need since a (stronger) glasses.

intense orgasms, a deep voice and a stain on the forehead

In the answers are also curious individual stories. A user writes that they have lost since the birth of the feeling in six fingers. Another reported that her voice is now deeper. A mother has to change their sleeping position, permanently, because you can’t sleep after pregnancy on the abdomen. Strange another reported: Since the birth had formed on her forehead, a dark spot. But in spite of everything Negative a mother has to say something Positive: Since she is a mother, she has during Sex, more intense orgasms. Probably the strangest story: A woman replies that she can taste it immediately, if food start to go bad. Probably the most positive change can feel a young mother, who has since the birth of your child, not Small-Breasts-complex and overall, more feminine feel.

source: a Twitter Post from @Mrs hackenpiep



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