This is hardly imaginable today: 150 years Ago, the Alps were still undeveloped. There was no tourist infrastructure, no marked trails and no shelters. And most of the summits were still unbestiegen. However, in the Sesto Dolomites, the year 1869 is considered to be the start of alpinism in South Tyrol.

that summer Franz Innerkofler from the resort of Sexten reached in the Puster valley and the highest mountain in his homeland: Together with the Viennese Paul Grohmann and Peter Salcher you succeeded at 18. July, the ascent to the 3145-Meter-high Dreischusterspitze. A month later, another summit victory: the first ascent of the Grand Peak, managed the Roped – in just three hours. Until today, your Route is the normal route, a Tour in the III Difficulty level.

Three peaks: Climbing in the Dolomites: 500 meters of air under the soles Fullscreen

The Three peaks above the Hochpustertal mean for the Sesto Dolomites, which represents the Matterhorn in the Valais and Switzerland: a magical point of attraction and a natural huge figurehead for a whole Region.

©Ralf Gantz horn

The highest of the three rock giants, measures only 2999 meters, but “the boldness of the construction,” said Grohmann, fascinated the pioneers. Through vertical to overhanging North faces of the tre Cime di Lavaredo one of the most striking rock formations in the Alps. They symbolize the world heritage site of the Dolomites, which have been awarded because of its unique mountain landscape by Unesco in 2009.

All three North faces in a day

For decades, the climbing elite of the Three peaks of Lavaredo in its spell. Meanwhile, dozens of routes run through the Northern walls, which were defeated in the 1930s, for the first time. From the late 1950s, the new openings such as the Direttissima routes, and in this Millennium, the “Bellavista” followed on the Western Battlements of the North wall, the first climbing tour in XI. level of difficulty in the Alps.


The Three of battlements sat as a model in Dobbiaco with the different climbing routes through the Northern walls

©Till Bartels

two years ago, in the Everest region crashed Swiss Ueli Steck in 2014, a new record. Together with Michael’s life, he climbed all of the three classic North face routes in one day in the Winter.

1869: The year of birth of the DAV

But back to the year 1869. Yet another significant mountain is the successful of three boarded-rope team, under the leadership of Franz Innerkofler for the first Time in that summer: the 3181-metre-high Langkofel in the Dolomites of Val Gardena. Those normal route is still regarded as a challenging nine-hour trip with five hours of climbing in the III level of difficulty.


In the East of the Alpe di Siusi / Seiser Alm: the 3181-metre-high Langkofel and Plattkofel

©Till Bartels

In the same year, the “education of civil mountaineering club”, the forerunner of the German Alpine club (DAV) was formed in Munich. With the routes and the building of huts, the development of the Alps started area and the tourism began. With more than 1.2 million members, the Association is today the largest national mountaineering Association in the world.

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