I find nothing worse than celebrity weddings. And nothing more beautiful. Gorgeous, as us the to attention-seeking Stars only too pleased to get their swank parties part. Paparazzi are always welcome, information about all possible Details are only given to like: “The bride wore a dress from blah …”, “among the illustrious guests including the Ambassador of blah, with his wife bla …” Amusing for us, but also always a bit unappealing, this public Display of one’s own happiness. Especially since the average celebrity exceeds marriage is rarely the half-life of yoghurts.

all The more romantic by the silent, intimate wedding of Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth came along. In the family circle it was last year more or less under the Christmas Tree, the Yes-word. Everything that the Public heard, was a pretty Instagram photo. Clearly, if it’s not on Instagram, it never happend. But just because it’s the million-dollar “Hot Couple” (the 2012 was been engaged to be married, but shortly thereafter again separated) so quiet had to tackle, took the two after years of On-/Off-Gehampel that you’re now really serious.

Love from Hell, Please love me, my Ego needs right now! Ego-the end of

But then the “shock”. After only eight months, Miley and Liam announced just their separation. Particularly irritating was the accompanying Statement: “you have decided that it is the Best and they focus on themselves and their careers.”

WTF?! Just wanted to share the Rest of your life with each other – and then you realize suddenly that movies, music, fame, money are more important? Hm. The love was probably not so great. Or the ego at least, is greater.

love is a Marathon, not a Sprint

make Such actions make me angry. As inflationary in Hollywood actually has always been (keyword: Liz Taylor) with the Institution no. 1 is dealt with – underground.

man, people: IN GOOD TIMES and IN BAD. Love also has to do something with endurance. Each Pair of through complicated phases. And clearly, if it’s not real, after trying everything Possible, then you may end things in good conscience.

Love From Hell good-bye,, shame corner! Viva la Vulva! Engagement as a Promo

If you type “engagement” in Google News, to popping currently, eight of the celebrity couples that want to say “Yes”. Some of the applications were held even on live TV. This always brings a lot of Publicity, according to the Motto: “Look, I’m worth being loved. For me, it runs a private BOMB! Ätschi-Batch!”

Well. Don’t bet more that half (if at all) this a couple of Christmas’s together? That only a fraction will ever get married? The hard-core, serious, and in five years, still happy together, I wish with all my heart.

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