More than ten years ago, as enthusiasts of the first part of the vampire series “Twilight” the movie-viewer. However, Fans can revel for some time and again in memories. At the Original filming location from back then. Because the film house of Bella Swan (played by Kristen Stewart) is rented on the platform of Airbnb.

The white-painted house is not, however, like in the movie is told, in the small town of Forks in Washington state, but in Saint Helens, Oregon. In the Film, Bella lived with her father Charlie.

According to Airbnb, up to ten people to have there space. Thus, there are five bedrooms, a large and a small bathroom, a terrace and a fireplace. 330 dollars (around 300 euros) cost of an Overnight stay in the 1930-built property for two nights to book guests at least. In case of arrival on Friday, the price rises to 100 dollars per night.


starring Ashley Gree, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner Director Chris Weitz (left) on the Set of the second part of the “Twilight”movie (New Moon – bite at lunch hour)

Picture Alliance

visitors delighted from the “Twilight”house

The guests are enthusiastic. “If you’re a Fan of Twilight, then a visit to the Swan house is a duty,” writes one. Another says: “It was so live cool in the movie house. And it really looks just like in the movie (…) there are so many ancient architectural built-ins and Details that you can look at and can enjoy.”

The Swan house is not the only movie scene that in the case of Airbnb as an Accommodation will be offered. The famous Hobbit house from Lord of the rings is rented.

Since June of this year Iron Fans in the house of Tony Stark alias Man (played by Robert Downey Jr.) from the movie “Avengers: Endgame” stay the night. The cabin on the lake in which he lives, together with Pepper Potts (played by Gwyneth Paltrow) and daughter Morgan, however, is not cheap. 800 US-dollars (about 700 euros) to pay guests per night, and commit to a minimum stay of three nights.

source: Airbnb

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