The conflict in the Persian Gulf, is also preparing for the cruise shipping companies in Germany. The situation would be constantly monitored and of your own as well as external experts, analysed, reported the largest German cruise operator Aida Cruises from Rostock.

“On the Basis of this analysis, we decide for every single trip, whether additional measures or, where appropriate, Changes in the itinerary will be initiated,” said a spokeswoman. More specific information is not made.

Posting a AfD-politician To the rescue in the Mediterranean: call for a Boycott against Tui? So the company responds By Till Bartels

in addition to Aida Cruises, many shipping companies to relocate in the North European autumn and Winter, the fleet vessels, in warmer regions, including the middle East and Asia, and offer cruises. Hapag-Lloyd Cruises stand in exchange with official Bodies and local partners, and watch “the Situation with regard to our travels in this Region at the end of the year,” said a spokeswoman for the Hamburg-based company. On the short-term upcoming travel route planning for the fleet ships in the Strait of Hormuz between Iran and Oman, however.

alternative Routing conceivable

“Europe” departs in mid-November of Cyprus through the Strait of Hormuz to Dubai. Then a tour in the Persian Gulf, is planned as the travel calendar shows. The trips were well booked, said the spokeswoman. “Should exacerbate the situation and an adjustment to the route to make guidance necessary, we would do this, of course,” said the company spokeswoman. The safety of the guests and the Crew, standing always in the first place.

Also in the case of Tui Cruises (“My ship”fleet) are available in the fall and Winter of this year cruises with a stop in Dubai, as well as tours in the Persian Gulf on the program.

A major advantage of cruises in General: The itinerary can be short-term, for security reasons, change. So many shipping companies strokes resulting from terrorist attacks in Istanbul and other Turkish ports from their schedules, and to run instead to destinations such as Haifa in Israel.

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