The Amadeu Antonio Foundation has supported in cooperation with the Foundation star in the years 2016 and 2017, several projects in the area of refugee assistance. This commitment was only possible thanks to a generous donation from the Bethe-Foundation. The private Foundation by the entrepreneur Erich Bethe and his wife Roswitha has provided 50,000 euros, which were used mainly to support unaccompanied minors and refugee families and to improve their overall situation in Germany.

Sustainable services for refugee families To the Person of Erich Bethe, Julian Stratenschulte/Picture-Alliance

The former entrepreneur Erich Bethe decided early on, together with his wife Roswitha, to leave part of your assets, the family is not required for charitable purposes. With your founded in 1996, Bethe Foundation, you want to make a small contribution to the improvement of the society in the direction of humanity and tolerance. Erich in 2007, it was Bethe with the Federal cross of merit 1. Class of 2011, with the honorary ring of the city of Wuppertal awarded. In 2012, Bethe Westphalia, the order of merit of the state of North Rhine-received by the couple, 2017, the honorary citizenship of the city of Bergisch-Gladbach.

With the money of the Bethe-Foundation-civil-society initiatives and clubs, meeting facilities and leisure were able to create offers as an alternative to the drab everyday life of the community properties, as well as Empowerment Workshops and English courses. As a special Highlight, the project of the children’s store is Somehow Different for children e. V. was because with the Opening of the children’s stores in the Wrangelkiez in Berlin’s Kreuzberg district, a sustainable Integration programme for refugee families was established.

the project “energy has been Promoted-refueling” of the Polish-German network e. V. The Initiative of the support is devoted to main and honorary helpers. Without these individuals as the bearers of welcome structures people would not have been worthy of aid for the many refugees in Germany. Frequent trouble, especially cultural and linguistic barriers and the associated costs for the operators. “energy recharge” has taken on this problem of the fields and two Workshops held.

refugees theatre

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With the same topics addressed by the Amadeu Antonio Foundation conference, “Connect – welcome structure meets self-organization”. The meeting, which was supported by the Bethe Foundation of 10,000 euros and to the promotion of the Federal centre for political education, the Zeit-Stiftung and the Robert Bosch Foundation’s stakeholders, took place at the beginning of October 2017 and was a great success. In addition to numerous informative event panels, there was honor and official Engaged in refugee work, the opportunity to meet and network.

Financial assistance is also of the Hamburg club received a Flagrant. Thanks to the promotion of the Bethe-Foundation was able to Flagrant work with refugees, young people, the theatre piece “beyond all” and perform. The project offered the young people a stage to Express their flight experiences as well as their cultural Background and tolerance.

In addition, could be many more initiatives through the donation of the Bethe-Foundation supports: the youth project “Thuringia Funpark”, project school days, to escape, asylum, and human rights with Berlin primary school classes, a bike shop in Coswig, integration and solidarity projects of the civic Foundation Barnim Uckermark and of the cultural Association Palanca in Eberswalde, a football project for unaccompanied young refugees in Kassel, an Empowerment project of mosaic stone e. V. in Hamburg, a series of workshops to digital media in refuge accommodation in Berlin as well as Berlin’s integration project Bantabaa e. V.



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