A breakthrough in front-end web development has finally come to the fore. It’s none other than the first-hand knowledge provided by a React JS course. Knowing Java is one thing, but being able to learn the finer nuances around its framework is a different ball game altogether.

React JS training enables you to achieve this and lots more. As a Javascript framework, it is gaining immense popularity and growing by leaps and bounds.

React JS has a plethora of features which developers can dabble in. Apart from this, React also has a highly adaptable code, which makes it compatible for use on various web applications. Of course, to be adept at it, your first-hand knowledge of Javascript should be impeccable. Below is the country-wise comparison between AngularJS and React JS.

Let us explore some of the reasons why it is absolutely imperative to add React JS to your skill-set.

Because Developers Love It

If you are a software developer, and you want endless flexibility to build user interfaces, React JS would be the choice for you. When developers start to work on an application, they can design a straightforward and effective view of the application. This can be done even as the application state changes. What React does is update these data changes in a smooth and automatic manner.

Without making any drastic changes to the existing written code, developers can add exciting new features. This makes React JS a language full of fun, simplicity, and intrigue.

The Big Companies Are Leading By Example

Propounded by a Facebook engineer by the name of Jordan Walke in 2011 and deployed as a front end Javascript library, React continues to be pioneered and hosted by a range of big names such as Netflix, Expedia, Airbnb and Reddit. Taking a page from the notebooks of big companies like Facebook and Instagram, there has been a massive surge in the demand and training of React Developers. More and more developers are adding React JS Training as a part of their knowledge base and skill set.

It Widens Your Horizons To Encompass Mobile Phones

As you dabble with React JS in the initial stages, it takes time to learn its nuances when working on a web platform. But using this framework on a mobile application is a very different ball game. While it is not an insurmountable task, it is not without its challenges. The primal concepts of re-routing, navigating, set up, styling and design are very different for web-based applications and mobile applications. This gives software developers a lot of scope in terms of not only enjoying their work but also to learn new things.

It Saves You Oodles Of Time

One of the most time-saving frameworks to work with, a React JS Course will equip you with time-saving techniques to efficiently manage your Javascript frameworks. The way this happens is that React uses small and self-sufficient codes which form an integral part of larger codes. The mini codes interact beautifully with the other codes. Thus any changes you make in one code will automatically get reflected and updated in the other sub-codes. The modular feature can be carried forward to other frameworks as well.

Developers Rate High On The Learning Curve

The best part about  React JS training is that developers can embrace and learn this technology in a matter of days. The coding of the framework is simplistic, and since it only deals with the view layer of an application, developers can pick the nuances and start experimenting with awesome web applications in just a few days. Developers have openly testified that as they began to work on the technology, they became more proficient and adept at it. This accelerated their progress towards more complex applications.

High Performance Through Virtual DOM

One of the reasons behind React JS ‘s stupendous success is its fast virtual DOM manipulations. Web performance is an issue which developers face when designing complex view forms online. While Java frameworks can hone onto performance issues and tackle them with ease, they are not fast enough. React JS is different. Its virtual DOM allows an efficient algorithm to calculate the difference between the previous and current states and the best possible method to integrate these changes successfully. This makes React JS a high performing engine.


Now that you’ve gone through the eight reasons why a React JS course should be on your bucket list, it is only natural that you follow through on the same. The additional boon of learning React JS is that you get to also learn React Native also, which allows you to use native applications on Android and iOS.


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