Frankfurt/Main (dpa/tmn) – After five long days of construction noise travellers may be entitled to compensation and a significant reduction of the travel price. The judgment of the district court of Frankfurt am Main (a-z shows.: 2-24 O 106/17).

In the present case, it was a Hotel in Florida. About 15 meters from the rooms was removed daily, except on Sundays, from 6.30 am until at least 22.00 PM on a major construction site worked. Among other things, lärmten excavators, bulldozers, jackhammers and dump trucks. In addition, the tap water was contaminated during the first four days of their trip due to a water pipe break and not be usable.

For the day with construction noise, the applicant has been able to reduce the price of the trip by 50 percent, for the contaminated water to a further 5 per cent. A further 10 per cent reduction resulted from the judgment that the fact that the tour operator is in breach of its duty to provide information: Since he had not informed the register about the large construction site, could not decide for the traveller whether to take the trip under the circumstances.

in Addition, the court argued that compensation due to wasted holiday time. The massive construction noise was affecting the trip.


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