The Happy Camper is a camper from a Fast&Furious universe. The Tuning forge ring brothers needed a vehicle with which they could stand under to car races to see. A typical yogurt cups with walnut-foil in the interior was not, of course. So they offered all you Can and your Style. As a base, you chose a Winnebago Bravo of 1972. A vehicle that can be called the cult of the mother of all campers. Distinctive by the forward spring BBQ, and the staggered vertical front disks.

In this icon of American car culture, the ring brothers decided to plant a suitable heart. Your choice was a V8 engine from Wegner Motorsports. The supercharged LS 408 provides up to 900 HP gearbox, brakes and rear axles had to be adjusted accordingly.

From the outside, remained the Camper up on small Details untouched. In particular, the well-known logo with the “W” of Winnebago should be obtained. Just a couple of additional Features had to be. At the Front, there is now a motorcycle carrier, big enough for a Mini-Bike like a Honda Monkey. At the rear, space had to be created for a barbecue equipment. In the Interior of the ring brothers put on no restrictions. Probably the original was no longer usable on the inside 1972 as well. Bed, shower, kitchen, walls – everything had to get out.


advertising for the Original.


The engine block, which is located between the driver and front passenger, and had a transparent dome. Leather covers, a lot of Aluminium, lacquered in Mint Green, with leather-covered armchairs and a huge TV Screen turned the Camper into the ultimate mobile Man Cave.

The ring brothers are specialized in the construction of lightweight aluminum parts. All of the cladding elements had to, therefore, differ. Like in an old plane, you can see the filigree aluminum construction of the Winnebago.

represent The overall concept is a blend of the interior of a world war II Bombers and a 50-years-beach bar at the Tiki-style. For the family vacation, the Happy Camper is no longer suitable, however.

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