A British College student has changed beyond recognition, losing weight 100 kg

Photo: video screenshot The 1:1 by Cambridge Diet Weight Plan/youtube.com

a Student from Manchester was able to lose more than 100 pounds. About it informs the Daily Mirror newspaper.

it is Noted that the 20-year-old boy had an unhealthy love for bad food, so his weight reached 197 pounds. After a while, it affected his health he began to have pains in the chest.

the young man’s Mother advised him to go to a balanced diet followed herself. For 11 months of this lifestyle, the Briton was able to lose 95 pounds. Arriving at the University, he remained incognito so much he transformed.

Earlier it was reported that Christian bale again lost weight to extreme for the new role. After that, the actor said he will no longer go on a strict diet for the movie.

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