the village where I live eight months of the year, so far, there are Neighboring a smoked fish shack. Smoked fish shop plus bike hire, to be exact. You can rent one of 10 to 13 am, return in the afternoon, “No repairs!” The announcements are clear in our area.

Currently, however, nothing more, neither a fish nor a Bicycle, because the place is boarded up for several weeks with a clamping plate and the clamping plate is attached with nine tacks a laminated plate. It says: “TIGHT!”

Meike Winnemuth: to make it short

Meike Winnemuth writes columns, since you can recognize the letters, since 2013, also for the star. Long as they had a colossal inferiority complex compared to authors who can do 900-page Tome. In the meantime, she has resigned to the fact that it is a text Sprinter with short-range brain, and is committed to the Northern German Motto “Not long time”. If she struggles, however, to a proper book, the crazy a Bestseller on how to your travel book “The great Los. How I won with Günter Jauch half a Million and just drove off”.


Every Time I go on a walk to the barricaded Bude come over, I need to laugh. Since Closed” and certainly not “Dear customer “is, for this season we have, unfortunately, … bla, bla, bla … thank you for the Loyalty … blah, blah … We open again on … blah, blah … and look forward to meeting you … blah”.

no, it’s just tight, precise SEALING, just SEALING!!! Three exclamation points, nine tacks. First, I had thought that might have closed the business for all times, but then I discovered the old holes in the laminate, already a little rusty became of the tacks in the past seasons. The shield is reactivated year after year, and you can almost feel the relief and pure joy of the fish räucherers and Bike rental company, if he brings it in the Winter out of the drawer and outside mounting.

Nu is ma well, says the sign, now is the end of this year. Basta. It will be enough. The does it really. It was a long, strange year, and the collective Exhale that is always heard in this time between Christmas and new year’s eve, between the years, between the no-longer and the not Yet, it seems this Time even more exhausted than usual, sigh. Leave me the fuck alone, I hear everywhere, I can do nothing, absolutely nothing, I’m lying on the Sofa, I want my peace and quiet, I didn’t leave time Bock, and on new year’s eve, I have no Bock. TIGHT!!! Unansprechbar, incompetent, a total refusal to start. TIGHT!!! To pampen how liberating, in the world of the time, with three exclamation marks in the face.

Enchanting, eccentric opening Hours

My second favorite plate is where I was four months out of the year living in the big city. The opening Hours of the cobbler around the corner from me: Monday: 8.30 am to 18 PM closed Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 14 to 19 PM, Friday 8.30 am to 12.30 PM, Saturday closed. No man can remember, most of the people I know (I included), have photographed the sign at some point out of sheer self-defense, and consult with each visit to your cell phone archive.

the Hours of operation are smoothed out slightly, a long time, for example, was on Friday until 12.50 PM, what I found charming eccentric. It had to do with a port forward to, for me, the cobbler explained to time, he had to go out on Friday somewhere, and therefore, at 12.50 p.m. from the house. Quite simple.

What I like so much about it that he has allowed, the times of its availability. He is there, if it fits well for him.

had to do other things.

The retaking of one’s own time can be samples in these precious days between the years. Not much going on anyway, dragging from the holiday weekend, comes late, goes early. Time to think about the times, the self-certain self-time and the one that you give to the world. The relationship can still be a little move, there’s still, in almost every life.


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