The first Pornstar Martini of the night has not yet been pushed over the counter, as Danny lit a Joint and says: “I live here, I fuck here. The world is not interested out there for me.”

It’s a Friday evening, and the world seems to be out there really far, far away. What is the fact that there are no Windows in this red ballroom lit is located in Berlin, just a mirror. And so the walls throw back a again and again on itself.

Danny is wearing rectangular glasses and a black T-Shirt, on the “Insomnia” is Latin for insomnia, the Name of the club. Danny called the Insomnia of his “temple” itself he describes as: “the survival of the artist, a chef, a philosopher, a fighter for the legalization of Cannabis. Life setting: politics and Religion are curable, love is everything.” Then he takes a train and says, sometimes he’ll go, of course, already out in the real world. To get, for example, the long leaflets. But actually Danny has everything he needs, in this room with the red bed, in the many back rooms, the basement, the apartment above the Club, in this house, so in Alt-Tempelhof. He has found his happiness, or at least so he says.

Neon series #sexbewusst How BDSM Sex can be intimate, and where the dangers lie

Binca up in the corner of the ballroom, the chocolate fountain, says that Insomnia is not a sex Club, but a “absolutely gorgeous hedonistic parallel universe, a sexual Playground for adults”. It did not do in the Slightest with a Puff. If someone calls and asks: “do you Have women?” hear: “Nope, but lube, condoms, and clean towels.” Because everything that happens in these spaces, happens to guests. Couples who want to together cheating (employees of the Insomnia call it: “known”), you can do that here. Women or men who want to look around alone, too. Generally, most of the visitors to the Insomnia to believe that love is to Share. And monogamy is not a silver bullet.


For each, what he likes. Of these visitors, like freedom, philosophy, and feet.

©Thomas Rabsch

no guests are there, the door of the club opens at ten. “Today, couples’ night! 30 Euro-entrance fee per Couple. Beautiful event,” says Danny, but when it comes to him, anyway, every Party in the Insomnia very beautiful. His favorites: ’80s Party with “99 balloons” by Nena. “How the Tits bounce!” And the “Saturday night fuck”, the big Orgy. The monthly peak. Who is Danny’s preferences not to tell, can be read in his Blog. He calls himself a “cuddly terror” as the trash-punk band, when he used to play, in a sleep suit with Teddy bear and a Balaclava on the head.


Danny in his fetish Outfit on the rack

©Thomas Rabsch

Binca says: “we have what you are looking for.” Binca began eleven years ago as the guardian in the Insomnia, that is, they monitored the deck surface on the Balustrade. At the bottom of the main room is drunk dancing at most of the parties, groping, smooching,. The basement will be used for SM games. Who goes up to the Balustrade or in one of the little separate room, which is concrete. Binca made sure to always use condoms, rubber gloves and lube were there, they distributed towels, wiped with disinfectant, the red Beds and the gynecologist chair clean, answered questions, and if someone felt from a other or a other disturbed, could you regulate the always easy. With the guardian no one to put. Club law.

Meanwhile, Binca is the right Hand of Dominique, the “Queen”. If it’s not there, like today, Binca throw the Store. Danny helps her. He is anyway there, and in a good mood, as almost always. But you can make a living in the sex Club really happy?


The girlfriend of one of the regular DJs on the dance floor of the club – will be played this evening electric

©Thomas Rabsch Danny from the Hit to the Coveted become

Maybe you need to know of Danny’s misfortune to realize his luck at Insomnia. Danny was born in 1975 from a woman he calls his “producer”, because, he says, a mother is you never been. For this you have to beat him too often in the boiler room with the seven-Riemer made of cow leather, the back is sore. The beats of the generatrix shaped him as warm hands a piece of clay. Not with the certainty to be loved, he grew up, but with the words: “You’re worth nothing. Nothing.” And these words hurt Danny over the years, more than any blow. Eventually, he weighed a hundred and thirty-nine pounds of grief.

got to know the women, the relations were, he cooked at “Curry 36”, he opened his own Snack bar in the middle, really happy he was. The word “Nothing” that he carried around, had made him a man, could not suffer. And had to go a long way to reconcile with itself. Danny calls his life a journey. The journey of a Teddy bear. So, the Blog he writes is, since he’s pulled over the Insomnia. Since his life these wonderful turning.

A friend had told him back then that he wanted to take off, if Danny’s looking for an apartment? Danny had always been a bit jealous of the friend because he knew that lived on the illustrious Club. He applied for the apartment and met with an almost two Meter tall blonde woman, the Queen. She not only runs the Club, has also rented the upper apartments, in order to avoid Trouble, if it gets too loud. Favorite she forgives the apartments of the staff, but Danny seemed to her instantly likeable. Shortly after he moved in, invited him to Dominique to Insomnia. And Danny buried among women, which was found on the Playground. He was from the Torn to the Coveted. The Insomnia was his home, and later also his occasional source of money, in addition to the Jobs he took on as a cook.

“grandpa was right: The Russians are coming”

Outside, the first regular guests to wait now. A married woman who goes with her husband in, says that they were even ever in the Robinson Club with a couple who have met her in Insomnia. The woman takes off her coat, underneath she wears a tight bodice and fishnet stockings. She greets a man in a Golden pair of underpants. Everywhere people give up their Jackets and street clothes. Some go completely Nude in the Club, most wearing lingerie. Some couples put on masks. A man with a chain around the neck to the knees, and makes male, his girlfriend is a stick between the teeth pushes him. In the ballroom, many guests with welcome Binca Kiss. The bartender Kris is mixed with a Pornstar Martini after the other. Danny grins. If he dies later, at some point, Danny says, he wants to be in his Teddy bear costume and with a Joint to the grave worn. And if he’s not in the sky, what he thinks is actually more possible, then he wants to say to God: “I have had your most beautiful angels.” If you ask Danny whether he had really no problem whatsoever, then, he says, of course he did. Every day so many nymphomaniac no longer called him inside, he doesn’t even get up afterwards in order to satisfy all of them.


Two guests posing in the bed of the Grand ballroom

©Thomas Rabsch

On the dance floor, a woman wearing nothing but knee-high black boots stands soon. She sometimes goes to the Insomnia, “because you can dance naked”. A man who runs with jute bags, full-body net suit, and a cylinder around said, he went with his girlfriend always used to birds in a different Club. But because of the piss was a smell in the Darkrooms, in the meantime, just unbearable. In addition, there is no hot tub. Later in the evening, the DJ plays “I’m sorry Pocahontas, I hope you know that.” And on the Balustrade a lot of the naked body, moving faster than the clock.

another night, shortly before eleven, Dominique walked into the Club and must hurry. The Burlesque dancer La Rubinia is waiting for instructions for their appearance, and, later, Dominique wants to trust two regulars hedonistic. At the bottom of the hall, the future married couple kisses, with their “dog”, “latex slave”. There are open words about the open love, a woman from England asked if they could translate and whether you are really married, then pop confetti cannons, and all the cheer.


A Few at the wedding dance. The two have just been from Dominique “hedonistic” dared to

©Thomas Rabsch

the guests of The Clubs are like Berlin itself: international. “We have many Israelis here,” says Dominique. “And The Russians. Grandpa was right: The Russians are coming.” Otherwise, a lot more young people and women, would just Dominique, what she sees as a feminist, of course, wonderfully said. “In the past, the men have dragged their women here behind. Today it is Vice versa.” Only the other day a young woman in a floral dress emerged, remembers Dominique. First they thought, well, if this one is right? And then I fucked the flower dress woman with great self-confidence through the Club. “It was pure joy!”

A private universe in which a different was normal – maybe even better

in 1977, came to Dominique, whose real name is different, with her mother from Dresden to East Berlin. A year earlier, the exit request of their mother was rejected. Then her mother had a sheet out of the window, hanged on the travel ban! So, Dominique’s mother ended up in prison in Bautzen, the little daughter should come to the children’s home and “political line”. Dominique and her mother did it in the end but over in the “Golden West”, where everything will be better and should be. As she stood before her new school class and sächselte: “Hallöö, I’m dö Nöhö!” Minutes-Long Laughter. As you have understood, tells Dominique that she was in the East of the Freak and in the West.


The Burlesque dancer La Rubinia is accompanied by a visitor from the backstage area down to the Club

©Thomas Rabsch

With 16 Dominique learned that her mother worked as a Dominatrix. With 18 she opened her own Studio at the Ku’damm. For many years she was active for the recognition of Prostitution as a profession. You fought for the rights of transgender and Homosexual, made a training to become a sex therapist and tried to get the Sadomaso and fetish scene from the sleazy corner. Over the years, she became a kind of Pippi Longstocking, widdewiddewitt, I’m the world, how you like me. First, she organized parties at the KitKat Club, then you created a private universe where being different was normal, maybe even better. Many regular guests have become over the years to friends. A Couple from Ireland always comes back to the two-week long Swinger vacation to Berlin. Holiday in the sex Club. “Why not?” Dominique says, “the run for years, a happy marriage, have even fathered her child here.”

most of The people that make up the Insomnia, has collected together Dominique over the years, others are running to her. So like Danny. Or Harry, who is actually from Innsbruck and extra for the Club from Austria moved to Berlin. Before he started here, he was for 20 years a wholesale merchant. He met Dominique on a Sexmesse.

Harry has a red long Beard and is wearing this evening, a black T-Shirt that says “Sex with your wife”. He says, in Innsbruck, “ham, mi always ongschaut, as a Alien.” It was simply beautiful. In Berlin, there finally looked, no one. Dominique: “Harry is the type of guy who builds you a jig saw to a fucking Baren ham!” For the proof it brings of the hand-made ham out of the closet.


Dominique, the “Queen” of the club, shows in the back room of a “Fuck-ham” with a Dildo attachment

©Thomas Rabsch “I think so, who Fucks freely, thinks freely”

about two o’clock in the night Danny and the assistant to the Burlesque dancer sitting on the red Couch in the backstage area of the club. Danny caressing the thighs of the assistant. The Burlesque dancer crouches next to it. And on a chair in front of it, Dominique. In the Background a washing machine flings with towels. Ronny, the Runner, the glasses collectors, has hired you. A man, dressed with his Penis attached to iron chain, comes in. He introduces himself as a Hedonist. The Hedonist praises the “late Roman decadence” of the Burlesque dancer and her “elegant neck” to massage the it starts. Dominique told me that she dressed up on a Christopher-Street-Day time as a female Pope went under the Motto: “Better to be on a Saturday fuck, as a Sunday talk.” There is a debate about Christianity unravels.


Showtime with La Rubinia

©Thomas Rabsch

Dominique: “I have no Problem with Christianity. I have a Problem with institutions. And Faith has nothing to do with institutions. I’m against the Church, but I am for the love, for sexuality, for the universe. To me, it does not matter who believes what, but I do care when people take in the name of the Church or their faith to the heads. And then I wonder why this is here? Why kcan here people together in peace to celebrate and love?”

Danny: “In the Club, the Russians and the Americans are sleeping together. The Israelis and the Palestinians.”

Dominique: “I think so, who Fucks freely, you think freely.”

if You look in the round, Hedonist sums it up: “it’s not just about lust and convulsing bodies. In the end it is about nothing Less than freedom, peace and happiness. And, therefore, that every man finds his individual happiness.” All nod. It sounds like from one of these books by François Lelord: “Hector and the search for happiness”. Briefly you wonder how you can probably get the whole world in this Club. Then the Hedonist says goodbye, he wants to return to Hanover. Danny tried in vain to move the assistant to the Burlesque dancer of a sexual game. Later, he goes alone up in his apartment and lit the last Joint of the day.


Danny at the Desk in his apartment above the Club

©Thomas Rabsch

And while out there, wars, careers, driven, marriages and divorced, a woman naked on a dance floor in a hall of mirrors in Berlin, eyes closed, arms around himself and looped. And she dances and dances and dances.


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