A gentlemen – or ladies-free piece of Luggage for the officials at the Munich airport, to the daily Routine. Actually. However, the Luggage, the police found on Monday in a Café in Terminal 1, you will remember even longer. Excited for the hearing made it clear loser man the officials that he forgot the pieces of Luggage. Later it turned out that the US citizen who was flown from the Romanian city of Sibiu, in the Bavarian capital, had also missed out on a deaf Date, the wanted to pick him up at the Airport. In a desperate search for the rain tonight, he dropped his bags, apparently in the Café.

Previously, he had contacted the police, according to a report to the airport staff. But how should you make the deaf woman on one of the largest Airports in Germany? Council and unsuccessful search of the Internet had to be canceled-acquaintance. For the time being.

Via SMS and chance for the Happy ending

The forgotten Luggage, and the officers searched it, proved to be lucky for the now totally desperate man. Via SMS, the Federal police officers piloted the appointment back to the police station at the airport. Because the woman had driven after several hours of futile search back home. Late in the evening they met again in Munich. There, they ran happened to be a Federal police officer on Patrol in the arms. Since the story had already gotten around, and it took only a few minutes to get to the Happy ending.

“The welcome was very warm”, and described the police officers, who were then also still the next train to Regensburg. The American was able to accompany his Internet girlfriend after a long Odyssey, but still home in the upper Palatinate.

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