The promise of “The time has come for you” is very clear. Place of life and caring for victims of burn-out, the association was created in 2015 was given the mission to “transform the crisis into an opportunity”. “The association would have just as well been called “fuck the peace”! We want to provide a place of perspective taking, both social and geographical, by a daily life very simple, in the countryside,” explains the Figaro one of the three founders, Jean-Baptiste van Hove, who defends himself, however, of any approach is sectarian. “We are not here to cut people around them! On the other hand we encourage them to focus on quality over quantity. Call less for example, and write letters.” As to the aspect medical, which is clearly not the responsibility of the association, it is happy to facilitate the travel of residents, “while remaining outside”.

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Located a few kilometres from Limoges, the association franco-belgian has made the acquisition of a building nestled on a plot of over two acres. Since its launch in march 2017, thirty-four residents came for stays of three weeks to six months. Civil servant, director of long-term care Facility, pastor, executive, teacher, doctor… “it was really all the profiles,” said there, while deploring the lack of resources. The first device of its kind on the French territory, the association receives a dozen requests per week for only four rooms available. “The burn-out is not recognized as an occupational disease, we live only from donations. Through them, we hope to be able to expand quickly”.

Low obligations, but a wide choice of occupations residents may come into contact with the animals present on-site At the time for you

On-the-spot, life is simple as a book of the series “Martine”. Outside of the few bonds that are the meal and the meditation, the residents may partake freely of different occupations: the feeding of the pulse, the sheep, tinker, paint, read, walk around, meet the neighbours… “people burn-out often have built an inner fortress for protection from the blows of life. One day they realise that they are locked in. Our idea is to offer them out at their own pace, thanks to an environment that is warm and safe”, explains the founder. Former scout, also spent by the army, there is no shortage of image to refer to the slow work of reconstruction after the burn-out, this “state of psychological distress the absolute and brutal”. “A pond, if one spends his time to agitate, we no longer see the bottom… hence the need to return to the quiet”.

“I stayed prostrate for me, pieces of cardboard on the windows so as not to see the light of day”

And Jean-Baptiste van den Hove knows what he’s talking about. Five years ago, the founder of The time for you, too, had known the scourge of burn-out. Promising framework in the telecom sector, very involved in his work, this Belgian 35-year-old had collapsed in a month. “I stayed prostrate for me, pieces of cardboard on the windows so as not to see the light of day. Even going out to buy bread seemed to be impossible. I lost 10 pounds…”. To escape his ill-being, there are two alternatives then presented themselves to him, monasteries or clinics. “But none of these solutions don’t correspond. I had the choice between solitude and austerity – or a place of medical intervention”.

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It is finally at an association in support of drug users as Jean-Baptiste van den Hove finds his salvation during 14 months. Experience in fluxing, who taught him the mechanisms of excess, “in which the drug is an expression, just as sometimes the work”. After a year in the association l’arche, founded by Jean Vanier, and sponsor of The time for you, Jean-Baptiste van den Hove matures his project. His idea: to create a place to “detox” burn-out. And, if possible, in France, “because in Belgium it is difficult to take a step back. Wherever one goes, one crosses easily someone we know”. On the Hexagon, the national Agency of public health recognizes the 30,000 victims of burnout, while the accounting firm Technologia, approved by the ministry of labour, estimated to be around $ 3.2 million the number of French in high risk of burn-out. The time has come for you offers, in its own way, a roof to recover.

A view of the house on the park, large 2.5 hectares At the time for you


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