How people with disabilities can find more understanding in society and, above all, more a matter of course? Quite simply, presence. In everyday life, in the life or, for example, as it allows this children’s book: Good night-time reading. “Eric … through foreign eyes” tells the story of the life of eight-year-old, is blind. While the adults in his world have to feel this occasionally as a “Problem”, Eric is often not so carefully, why. He gets everything that is important, if the food is on the table, for example. He can smell.


“Eric … through foreign eyes” of Babo, count Harrach, with illustrations by Anja Feil, paperback, 181 pages, 14,90 Euro, on Amazon here, can be ordered

©Babo Graf Harrach

the guide dog Watson comes To school in his life, a smart and gluttonous Labrador in order for Eric to go to school alone and even self-employed can be. With Watson, the Boy pulls the big one go, because of his parents, who were police dogs, so some of it inherited. He’s smart, has an excellent nose, and quick response, and is also a real “friend and helper”. Actually, he should enter professionally in the footsteps of his parents, but Watson ticked just a little different. So he has received training as a companion dog.

Blind people have cool Tricks, the eyes replace

When a blind Boy plays football, is he doing it by ear. This works with a special “jingle ball”, has built-in rattles. Because the guys on the football field is a bit of a struggle, due to Eric to change, there needs to be a use of Watson to integrate Eric. And so the dog is in different Situation as a key, to open up new circles of friends. Since not every blind child has the miracle cure Watson, it can help to Wake up more understanding for the special needs of blind peer.

author Babo, count Harrach was inspired to write his first book by a blind boy, a happy child, and even drives a bike. Because his grandson get so fond of stories, he wrote them a book, self-published. But now, all children, sighted and blind.


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