A nutritionist questioned the benefits of more expensive ginger

the Increasing demand for ginger has led to a rise in price of the product from 250 to 2500-5000 roubles for kg. The inhabitant of Ivanteevka of Natalia and not able to find ginger root in any store. Capital wholesalers claim that the deficit in the market, but not all stores are willing to purchase ginger at a sharply increased price. Employees of wholesalers, with whom managed to communicate “MK”, ginger offered at a price of 2400 rubles. per kg.

Rapidly rising and a favorite folk remedy for colds — lemons. As reported by “MK” Rusprodsoyuz, the average price for 1 kg increased from 123 rubles in January to 140-180 RUB in March.

However, doctors do not advise to Muscovites to pay for ginger and lemons. Doctor of medical Sciences, Professor Vladislav Zhemchugov notes that studies proving the efficacy of these products not only in the fight against viruses, but also in strengthening the immune system, does not exist. Nutritionist Marina Opletaev does believe that drinking large amounts of citrus fruits can trigger allergies, and ginger, irritating mucous membranes, diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

— ginger has a local irritant effect, which in itself strengthens the immune system not only accelerates the blood circulation in the place with which ginger touched. Lemons, like other citrus fruits, because of their shell is able long to retain vitamins, but dried rose hips contains 10 times more vitamin C. Lemons can easily be replaced with berries, cranberries or broth hips. But all this will have only a preventive action if you received the right amount of not only vitamin C but also other vitamins, proteins amino acids for a long time.

Honey is also will not help to resist the virus is the product has a local antibacterial but not antiviral activity. To support the immune system can only a healthy diet and lifestyle, to begin that was long before the epidemic.