D. B. Weiss with his wife, Andrea Troyer (l) and David Benioff at the side of his wife, Amanda Peet

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ripple The Westeros-the waves have smoothed out since the airing of the final season a bit, but given these statements, the “Game of Thrones”creators David Benioff (48) and D. B. Weiss (48) again. Because while millions of Fans of the series were unhappy with the last season of the HBO series, and is still, call in a scene, a forgotten Starbucks coffee Cup the only blemish of the otherwise “perfect” final season. The British “Daily Mail” reported, referring to an Interview of the two that you have given in Japan.

at Least a little self-indulgent compared to this conclusion. So Benioff is supposed to have regarding the forgotten Cup, said: “This is like a Persian carpet. Because it is a Tradition, small faults, because only God’s perfection can be created. For us, it was probably the [of the Cup, note. d. Red.]”. Healthy self-awareness, it implies that everything else was at the final follow very well-flawless. An assessment that speaks a multitude of “Game of Thrones”Fans only too happy to resist.

And so the area of the “Daily Mail hangs out in the comment” a lot of perplexed users. “Guys, I’m not sure whether it was the coffee Cup, the biggest concern of anyone,” writes a commentator. A other attracts, in its turn, a daring comparison, to talk about the Moment just prior to the sinking Titanic: “the coffee Cup is the equivalent of the deckchairs on the Titanic to arrange.”

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