singer Ellie Goulding has given her boyfriend Caspar Jopling tied the knot

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The Star line-up at the wedding of Ellie Goulding (32, “Love Me Like You Do”), and Caspar Jopling (27) in the venerable Cathedral in York on Saturday could definitely see. Among the guests is Orlando Bloom (42) and Katy Perry (34), James Blunt (45) and his wife Sofia Wellesley (36), Sienna Miller (37) and her boyfriend Lucas Zwirner, as well as the princesses Eugenie (29) and Beatrice (31). To marvel it was for the wedding party, but only a happy, freshly married couple, but also an intricately made wedding dress.

640 hours of work

The in over 640 hours of hand-crafted Designer dress originated from the tradition of the fashion house Chloé, and let Ellie Goulding’s White Shine. The simple, high-necked dress, was marked on the collar with a lace trim and all over with floral patterns arranged in the beads to represent the white roses of York, embroidered. A long transparent veil, which was embroidered with the initials of the bride and groom, completed the of Natacha Ramsey-Lévi-designed Look.

Goulding and Jopling were engaged in August of 2018, after approximately one and a half years of relationship, and this classic about a newspaper advertisement announced.

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