Want to get back in shape: Mel B

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Until the opening of the “Spice Girls”Comeback Tour on 1. June it is still, but Mel B (43, “For Once In My Life”) brings already in the Form. With a strict Fitness Regime. The 43-Year-old is now on Instagram betrayed, she gets up daily at 4.30 PM. Inspire you can be by yourself…

writes an older picture, the musician in top shape with well-defined abdominal muscles shows Mel B: “Work-outs and eating right make a huge difference, if you want to do it right, even if it means that you have to get up at 4:30 to train.” Getting Up early but it was completely worth it, the 43-Year-old. “It’s slow going. I’m not so far removed from this image, Troy Jensen, has made of me a few years ago. THIS is my Inspiration, I haha,” writes Mel B next.

Everything is possible

Why? If you would not first start with yourself, to respect yourself and believe in yourself, you might never learn to love yourself, explains the singer: “If you don’t, then you’ll always be someone or something in need, or the you completed.” If you take to heart, is really everything is possible.

For the Comeback Tour of the “Spice Girls” were so far, six Shows will be announced – but only in the UK. Kick-off is at 1. June 2019 in Manchester. Further concerts will take place in Coventry (3. June), Sunderland (6. June), in Edinburgh, Scotland (8. June) and Bristol (10. June) instead. The Grand finale is on the 15th. June in London at the legendary Wembley stadium. However, the Girl Group is going to go just the four of us on the Tour: founding member Victoria Beckham will not return (44) with Melanie B, Emma Bunton (42), Melanie Chisholm (45), Geri Horner (46) on the stage.



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