“I detected a cancer in 2013, had 40 years and he wore a half life in the Civil Guard, my last destination for years has been in the USECI (Citizen Security), I bought a house near the headquarters and I made my life with my family there; after the disease I have lived a calvary personal and professional, but since more than a year ago I managed to get back to work, although in a post-bureaucratic, without a weapon and without exit to the street, but it has been my best therapy until last week I was notified of the termination by to be qualified as “useful, with limitations”. Since then I’m at home, waiting for the release of vacancies [according to the General Directorate of the Guardia Civil, “to march 2024”] to be able to ask for another destination and I’ve lost all the specific plug-ins: about 600 euros per month”. The case of Antonio, a fictitious name, is similar to that of close to a thousand civil guards, according to data of the Unified Association of Civil Guards (AUGC) on which is applied a Royal Decree approved last August 2 in the Council of Ministers.

The key is to article 56 of the Regulation of destination of staff of the Guardia Civil: “The staff, in accordance with the content of this article, you will declare a limitation incompatible with respect to the target assigned, shall cease to be in the same”.

The standard replacing an earlier, September of 2017, which had been appealed by the AUGC —the association most representative of civil guards— does not contain “the report of impact in terms of equality of opportunities, non discrimination and universal accessibility of persons with disabilities”, which was “mandatory by relevant”, said the judgment of last July’s Supreme Court, which declined to hear the appeal.

however, the Government approved in August the new rule, “an extension” of that of 2017, and that the Council of State, in its opinion, qualifies as “difficult to understand for those who are affected by it”. That last and intricate version is the one that, for the moment, it is being applied and filling up of uncertainty to guards such as Antonio. Everyone gets the same notification: “Cessation of the target for the loss of psychophysical aptitude”.


The State attorney defends the actions of the Civil Guard in the tragedy of The Tarajal The civil guards to gain rights to the beat of judgments by The Civil Guard gives a course of “management of emotions”, only for your personal female

Others, like Manuel, the hope: “I’m 41 years old and 21 years of service, almost all in research teams, four medals of merit police, and dozens of congratulations from the general in the last five years, only in the last three I’ve made 538 arrests and seized more than a thousand kilos of cocaine in the port. The 25 of November of 2011 I fell from a height of six meters chasing two butroneros. I left the two feet to the left wrist and I lost the disc between two vertebrae, which made me suffer a huge lower back pains during the following years I continued in my position. I decided to have surgery in 2017 and I was 14-month low, fatal. Then I became no one. Does even the most minimum humane treatment. The first court physician, I called it “useful limitations” due to “in service”, but a second court, as requested by Defense, I took what act of service, consider that my injury could be “degenerative”. According to the Directorate, only when it is in the act of service “will be given vacancies in your unit automatically”.

“I don’t want money, I want recognition and a fair deal, the fact that I corresponds. Now I live (and work) pending that I get this notification that will not take long, and I cease not to be suitable for the position in which I have for years, before and after my operation”.

Sources from the General Directorate of the Civil Guard explained that “each type of vacancy has a few requirements and that you want the job have to see if the can meet, depends upon the limitation”. Recognize that the vacancies are the same for all, there are no vacancies specific to the guards who suffer from some limitation. “You may find yourself in the situation, that the vacancies they requested are peticionadas and occupied by staff who do not have any disability, and vacancies for which you would have the most seniority or merits, cannot be peticionadas by the data subject”, point out in the AUGC. “That way, people with disabilities, you could find destined forced hundreds of miles from his family, or not be intended, thus, would be without a destination and with a remuneration much lower (between 600 and 700 euros) on the lack of add-destination”.

Peter, a fictitious name, he broke his knee in 2017, when he was 37 years old and wore out more a service in your unit of Citizen Security. When he returned to work, had to do it in a post bureaucratic of his commandery, in which he has been up to this week, came the notification: “Useful, with limitations”. “Evil is not only the economic issue, but a change of destination, I bought my house, I live with my family, 12 years ago, to the side of the commander”, he stresses.


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