A transformer caught fire at thermal power station in Moscow

Photo: telegram channel Moscow news

a Transformer caught fire at TPP-26 on Vostryakovskiy passage. The fire area has made 60 square meters, reported TASS a source in the emergency services.

According to the source, the transformer is under voltage, which complicates fire fighting. There is also the threat of distribution of fire.

as a result, short-circuit shut down of a generating unit. There were no injuries.

TPP-26, the largest thermal power plant in Moscow. Provides heat enterprises, public and residential buildings with a population of over 2 million people in areas of Chertanovo, Yasenevo, Biryulyovo and Marino.

Previously, textile workers burned the roof of the administrative building. The fire area made 100 square meters.

the building was evacuated 50 people. None of them was hurt.

Also, the fire occurred on the territory of the sports base of OOO “Prince Dali”, which is located in the village of Petrovskoe GORODSKOGO OKRUGA Serpukhov.

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