A U.S. Senator commented on the potential of new sanctions on the

Photo: TASS/Stefan Sauer/dpa

member of the foreign Affairs Committee in the U.S. Senate Ben Cardin said the new sanctions on the pipeline “Nord stream – 2” is unlikely. About it reports RIA Novosti news Agency.

Commenting on the possibility of introducing additional constraints, the politician said that “not sure” in them. Earlier media reported that the Congress can adopt a new package of sanctions against investors and companies receiving gas through the pipeline.

“and the stream – 2″ is a mistake. I support those who believe that this is the wrong course for democracies,” said Cardin.

the New pipeline, the construction of which has been the company 2 the Nord Stream AG shareholder “Gazprom” will pass through the Baltic sea to Germany. Investors of the project are European companies.

Some countries, namely Ukraine, Poland, Lithuania and Latvia, opposed the “Nord stream – 2”, because they fear declining revenues from gas transit. In Russia, however, indicate that the pipeline does not act as a replacement of gas transit through these countries.

Previously, analysts estimate that the share of Russian gas supplies to the European Union rose to 47.5 per cent in 2019. Numerically we are talking about 180 billion cubic meters of gas.

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