The Mossos d’esquadra and the National Police have prepared a wide device to ensure that the Awards Princess of Girona can be carried out without problems this Monday in Barcelona. The place where you are staying the King, the hotel Rey Juan Carlos I, and the Palace of congresses of Catalonia, where they celebrate the first, are adjoining. So, explain to police sources, facilitates the protection of the event, and it makes it simpler than at other times.

The Mossos will protect the entire perimeter of the place, on the avenida Diagonal, in the outskirts of Barcelona, which hosts the event. With the same structure as that of the protection of the Council of Ministers that was held in December last year in Barcelona, the Mossos will be the police visible, responsible for the cordon outside, while the National Police will be in charge of the cord on the inside. In total, about 1,300 agents between the two bodies, according to police sources, coordinated from a single command centre (CECOR), in the Department of the Interior.

The monarch and the infanta Leonor traveled this Sunday to Barcelona and is expected to remain until Tuesday. During the deployment, it will also strengthen the Sants station and the airport of el Prat. The most delicate part, explained police sources, is to ensure the arrival of the guests, for whom you will provide access points to specific.


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