In new Zealand, had a woman aboard an Air-New-Zealand-machine, after they had refused to be a flight safety video and the accompanying safety instructions read. The new Zealand news website “Stuff” reported, citing eyewitnesses, the passenger had been on a flight from Wellington to Auckland last Tuesday in the series at the output. While the flight attendant played the safety video and the actions it has shown to have paid the woman no attention. Instead, they’ve read your book, said a witness, who was on Board. “Then you took out your phone. She and her male companion were engaged in their cell phones.”

The flight attendant had asked you then, very politely, to watch – because you would be sitting on the output. “The Stewardess was super nice and she has to listen to again and again asked, but the woman put their fingers in their ears.”

41 people died in the flames, air crash in Moscow: passengers are picked up only their Luggage and blocked the exit

The other passengers had begun to complain, because the plane could not start. “For God’s sake, it takes two minutes to view it. It looks to you,” would have asked the people in the row behind the Couple. “But they didn’t seem to care. This, apparently, was beneath their Dignity,” said the witness. Other passengers described the couple as very wealthy. The woman had a Louis Vuitton bag on the lap. The two had placed a shockingly arrogant behaviour on the day, said a passenger.

Crew calls the police

The Pilot was eventually forced to the Gate to return because a passenger “did not comply with the instructions of the crew,” said Air New Zealand according to the Guardian.

in the end the police had to be called. As this had been communicated to the recalcitrant couple, have tried the wife loudly to book a flight at the competitive Airline Jetstar. After the couple of on-Board and was able to start the plane with 25 minutes of delay.

sources: “Stuff”, “The Guardian”



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