Camping is corrosive? Cold, wet and uncomfortable? In case of rain, the tent gives way, under the mattress is a stone always and after waking Up you feel run over? Conclusion thus, for the Autonomous Tent combines proximity to nature with a certain level of luxury.

luxury Camping and being close to nature

The Autonomous Tent offers a comfortable interior, a large bed and has a bathroom with a toilet. The fabric, which is stretched as a roof, semi-circular, across the room, letting sunlight into the Interior. A Solar system supplies power to the LED lamps with power – but also the water pumps and filter system. In addition, solar power ensures the hot water treatment.

But the tent is not only luxurious and comfortable, it’s supposed to hold according to the manufacturer, is also a hurricane state. Heavy snow for the tent is not a Problem. Conveniently, the tent is not: It costs between 100,000 and 200,000 dollars.



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