The dream of home ownership, squeezes thanks to very low interest rates for many in the near future. However, this bet is dangerous, because just because you can borrow cheap money, it need not remain so. Home builders and apartment buyers agree on a short-term credit in order to secure a particularly favourable terms and conditions, are recorded in the connection credit by the interest rate shock.

And Just because the money is cheap, it’s not the real estate. The high prices in the Metropolitan areas, the financial planning has been realistically carried out: what are the interest rates, how much is the repayment? And when you should have the property paid off?

In our photo section we explain how to prepare with a realistic planning. Especially, the total budget should keep real estate buyers in sight. You can afford the property the monthly loan removal is the only way just, that can be dangerous. Unemployment, disability or caring for a relative strain on the Budget – and you can no longer afford the house. A first orientation offer budget calculators on the Internet, the banks, savings banks and credit intermediaries. There is also taken into account, how high the monthly expenses and loads.


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