objectives achieved? Project successfully completed? Taken on additional duties and shines? Even if you give professionally, Gas and good performance show, this does not mean automatically that a higher salary is received on the account. Even if this is certainly justified, are not superior necessarily a big spender, if it does its Job just fine.

But what you have to let the employee come up with, so there is finally more money? According to a study by the staffing company Robert Half, the change of Jobs is the best way for more coal to get out, writes “Business Insider”. “Employees who move to a Job with new responsibility — whether in the current or a new employer – should, of course, earn more money,” says Christian Umbs, Managing Director at Robert Half, the “Merkur”. Thus, the change from one employer to another, the best way for more content.

the representative survey of 1000 office workers a total of 34 per cent, over a third of respondents stated that they would have to get a new Job and more salary. 18 percent of the respondents said to have a new employer benefits – this is the top value in the Ranking. Behind it is an internal change of job or a promotion follows on a new Post with 16 percent. Just as many employees (16 percent) reported that they have received through a company-wide salary increase, more content. At 11 percent of earnings was increased by a new collective bargaining agreement.

incomes, Pension, insurance officials against employees – public servants really more money?

officials will need to shell out no social benefits and can look forward to a comparison of a whopping Pension in old age. It employees are more flexible, may be more likely to make a career. So at least the prejudices are – but that is not true at all?

Katharina Grimm, salary increase: Good performance and good salary?

Only one in Ten got more money, because the company has developed positively. Behind it, with just nine per cent, is called the target achievement and, thus, a direct connection to one’s own performance as a trigger for a salary increase. In addition, delegated tasks, helped six percent of the respondents to a content plus. The period of employment played at eight per cent a role in the successful salary negotiations. Four percent were therefore more money, because they got a new supervisor.

From engineering to the unemployed “differences of a few million Euro”: What do employees in your professional life deserve

Christian Umbs criticized the actions of the company. Staff were in spite of good or even very good performance, no noticeable increase of salary, could have a negative effect for the company. “For employees a salary plus a important appreciation is. She remains denied, the rates to rising Termination and new hires to lead to higher salaries,” said Umbs.

user switch: If you have to endure in the Job, you should Fullscreen

terminate A boss who does not like you. Or a task that you can barely cope: frustration comes quickly in the office. You should ask yourself what you can do yourself, so they shuffle on Monday completely listless in the office. It is the overall situation? Or the supervisor? Then a job change is a logical Alternative.



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